GDBBM – Chapter 737

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Chapter 737: Eighth Slap (18)

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed, and her gaze fell on the remaining three men. The three of them must be just like Gu Ying, people from the Middle Realm. And she could instinctively feel, that although the three men were not as powerful as the grey robed man back in the Cloudy Peaks who had forced Ye Sha to self detonate, they were still quite a fair bit stronger than Gu Ying.

Ye Sha had been able to confidently overpower Gu Ying, but if matched against these three men…..

“Our esteemed envoys have finally made it here in time!” When Ning Rui had seen the few men appear, his heart that had been lodged in his throat finally settled down. He almost couldn’t wait to run over towards the leader, still not fully recovered from his shock.

The leader cast a glance at Ning Rui and asked in a cold tone: “What happened here?”

Ning Rui hurried to say: “Young Master Gu Ying and me were all prepared to bring all of the disciples to the Heaven’s End Cliff but Jun Xie suddenly arrived with people to interfere and even injured Young Master Gu.”

The leader frowned slightly and his gaze shifted over to look at Jun Wu Xie with her chilly expression. Gu Ying had previously informed them with a letter about the Spirit Healing Technique, and the two most crucial people involved in that were Gu Li Sheng and Jun Xie. And before Gu Ying had fainted, he had explicitly stated that they were to bring Jun Xie back with them.

But besides Jun Xie, everyone here can be killed.

“The fact that you have been able to injure Gu Ying shows that you possess a little capability. But, that will be all there is.” The leader turned to face Ye Sha, and the purple glow of his spirit power suddenly flared. The two men standing behind their leader were quickly covered in a purple glow the next moment.

Three purple spirits! !

The moment the three blinding purple lights flared, all the disciples in the Zephyr Academy suddenly stared wide eyed with their mouths agape, overcome in pure disbelief with the scene before their eyes.

The never been seen purple spirits for the past hundred long years. And all of a sudden, so many have appeared before them this very day!

In a moment, everyone was suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed. Such powerful figures that existed only in legends had suddenly before their eyes and there were even a few of them! That was just too unbelievable!

Ye Sha had at that first instance immediately come to stand in front of Jun Wu Xie. His eyes were narrowed to a slit as he eyed the three men warily.

“Comparing yourself to them, what’s your take?” Jun Wu Xie’s voice rose behind Ye Sha’s back.

Ye Sha’s face was expressionless as he answered: “If it’s one on one, none of them will be my match.”

Before Ye Sha had finished his sentence, Jun Wu Xie knew that if all three of the men joined forces and attacked at the same time, Ye Sha would not be able to hold them off!

Jun Wu Xie’s meticulous plans, had not accounted for this unexpected change.

Three of them from the Middle Realm, and with each one possessing powers higher than Gu Ying, Ye Sha would be hard pressed to be able to deal with all of them!

“If we hold down two among the three, would you be able to take down the other one?” Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

Ye Sha was surprised a brief moment and he quickly said: “Yes.”

Jun Wu Xie did not say another word. She only cast a meaningful glance at Fan Jin and Fan Zhuo and she remained silent.

There were three purple spirit opponents before them and they were charging straight at them at that moment!

But at the very moment just before they were about to reach Ye Sha, three bright purple flashes flared up brilliantly just behind Ye Sha!

At that moment, the entire Zephyr Academy erupted into a roar. All eyes were locked onto the three youths standing behind Ye Sha!

On Jun Xie, Fan Jin and Fan Zhuo, their bodies were suddenly enveloped in a brilliant flash of purple light from their released spirit powers! That was an inconceivable sight!

“How is that possible…..” Ning Rui uttered slack jawed, the moment his eyes witnessed the horrendous purple spirit flare emanating from the bodies of Jun Xie and the Fan brothers. Sweat soaked his clothes, he had watched Fan Jin and Fan Zhuo grow up all these years. Fan Zhuo had been weak from a young age and had not cultivated his spirit powers. And although Fan Jin was rather well gifted, he was still a long way off from attaining a purple spirit!


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