GDBBM – Chapter 736

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Chapter 736: Eighth Slap (17)

Ye Sha did not answer Gu Ying’s query. He was already prepared to launch another attack.

When Ning Rui saw Gu Ying vomit out blood, his heart became flurried. Things had taken an unexpected turn and he had failed to predict that Gu Ying wouldn’t be a match for that mysterious man!

Ye Sha launched another assault. Gu Ying could only resist with all his might to hold the opponent back. But this time round, he could no longer raise his spirit power level and could only be beaten back onto the defensive!

Finally, Gu Ying fell to the ground. His body was all covered in wounds. He clenched his jaw tight to suppress the groan threatening to escape out his mouth from the pain, and his eyes stared unwaveringly at Jun Wu Xie on the other side.

He was feeling very indignant!

“Looks to me, you do not possess the capability.” Jun Wu Xie stared into Gu Ying’s indignant eyes, but her own eyes showed not a single trace of emotion.

Never in his dreams had Gu Ying thought that he would one day die in the Lower Realm. Ye Sha’s powerful strength had shocked him greatly, but what really filled him with endless regret was Jun Xie…..

Just as Ye Sha was about to deliver the killing blow onto Gu Ying, several figures appeared suddenly in the Zephyr Academy. A purple spirit light streaked towards Ye Sha. Ye Sha immediately retreated, his eyes fixed on the approaching opponent.

Four attractive looking males had suddenly appeared on the grounds.

When Jun Wu Xie’s eyes saw the faces of the few intruders, her eyes narrowed slightly.

They were the same four men who had been at the Chan Lin Auction House together with Gu Ying at that time!

People from the Middle Realm!

Jun Wu Xie’s heart sank. She had repeatedly checked to affirm that only Gu Ying alone was in the Zephyr Academy, and her worry had been for exactly these few people here. Ye Sha could confidently take on Gu Ying, but if the number of opponents increased, it would then become extremely dangerous for them.

The leader among the men frowned and looked at Gu Ying on the floor to ask coldly: “How did you come to fall into this state?”

Seeing Gu Ying lying in a pool of blood, the man’s eyes were filled with surprise. They had dared to leave Gu Ying alone to remain in the Zephyr Academy because they knew no one here would be able to harm a hair on him. But what they were seeing now caused them a significant amount of shock.

Gu Ying had not only been hurt, but his injuries were extremely severe!

One of the men immediately came over to help Gu Ying up and he quickly took out an elixir and gave it to Gu Ying to swallow.

Upon the moment of seeing his companions, the despair in Gu Ying’s heart evaporated. He ignored the pain wrecking at his body and lifted his eyes to look at Jun Xie, and a cruel smile formed on his lips.

He had to admit, that the mysterious man was very powerful. But his companions had arrived and if the four of them attacked together, the mysterious would not be able to hold them back!

“Jun Xie….. Looks like I won’t be dying yet….. Are you disappointed?” Gu Ying was not looking at anyone else, he only had eyes for Jun Xie as he stared piercingly at that face showing nothing but placid calm, waiting to see whether even the slightest crack would show.

“Was he the one who injured you?” The leader followed Gu Ying’s gaze and when he saw Jun Wu Xie, he was slightly astounded. The youth looked to be very young, younger than Gu Ying by quite a bit. But those eyes, they were extraordinarily cold, chillier than any he had ever seen.

“He knows the Spirit Healing Technique. Keep him alive and bring him back with us.” Gu Ying clenched his teeth to push back the excruciating pain and squeezed a smile onto his lips. He wouldn’t kill Jun Xie. He wanted Jun Xie to know, that there are times when being alive is much more agonizing than being dead.

However, Gu Ying’s injuries were taking a toll on him. He had just finished his statement when he suddenly vomited out another mouthful of blood. Gu Ying was unable to remain conscious and after casting his gaze upon Jun Xie once more, he completely blacked out.

“Bring him back first.” The leader of the group said to a man beside him as he looked at the unconscious Gu Ying with a deep frown on his face.

The man immediately nodded and he put Gu Ying on his back. His body flashed a moment and he suddenly disappeared from the spot entirely!

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