GDBBM – Chapter 735

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Chapter 735: Eighth Slap (16)

Jun Wu Xie looked calmly at Gu Ying and said in a soft voice: “Even if you wish to, you will first have to see if you possess the capabilities.”

Gu Ying’s eyes hardened and he suddenly rushed at Jun Wu Xie in a sudden attack!

At almost the same moment, Ye Sha leapt in the same direction as Gu Ying and in less than a blink, two figures were tangled up in a clash as the air reverberated with the waves of power that rippled outwards from the clash of two extraordinarily powerful forces!

Jun Wu Xie watched on quietly as the battled ensued. Her face was expressionless, as if completely confident that victory would be theirs.

On the other hand, Ning Rui wasn’t that composed. Seeing that Gu Ying was unable to shake off Ye Sha, and even more impossible for him to kill the Fan brothers, Ning Rui’s heart was suddenly stuck in his throat.

“Headmaster….. Wh….. what do we do now?” Gongcheng Lei was so scared he was feeling weak in his legs. Although he was afraid of Gu Ying as well, but at least if Gu Ying won, he would still be able to at least remain alive. But if Gu Ying was to be defeated….. Gongcheng Lei did not dare to carry on that thought. When Ning Rui had said all those taunting words earlier, it was with the confidence that Gu Ying would be able to maintain control with his power and that was why Ning Rui had dared to reveal everything. But if things were to spin out of control now, what would then happen to them?

“Shut up! Gu Ying will never lose! Besides Wen Xin Han, no one can be his match!” Ning Rui said in low shout, seemingly like he was warning Gongcheng Lei, but in fact, it was to more to assuage the insecurity he was feeling in his heart.

The facts that even Gongcheng Lei had been able to realise had not been missed by him.
[If Gu Ying won, everything would go great for him, but if Gu Ying lost, then that will be the moment disaster strikes!]

Having been shouted at by Ning Rui, Gongcheng Lei clamped up and shivered in fear. He was nevertheless still filled with unease. Gu Ying might have been very powerful, so powerful that besides Wen Xin Han, no one else had been able to resist against his attacks. But the mysterious man that had appeared with Jun Xie and his companions had not only stopped Gu Ying’s attack, but they had been entangled up for a long while and Gu Ying had still not been able to get away from that man. Moreover, that man possessed a strange power, that belonged to none of the colours that the people of the world were familiar with, but was in a shocking shade of black!

He saw the battle between Ye Sha and Gu Ying becoming more and more intense and the fear in Gongcheng Lei’s heart grew stronger and stronger involuntarily.

Ning Rui’s and Gongcheng Lei’s worst fears were inversely the sliver of hope that everyone in the Zephyr Academy were holding in their hearts, that would save them from the once hopeless predicament!

Everyone else were watching with the fists tightly clenched and their hearts pounding and only Jun Wu Xie seemed to be the only unconcerned one, as if the victory or defeat did not matter at all.

Or rather…..

She already knew how it would turn out.

Soon, a loud crash sounded!

The two opponents locked in combat were suddenly thrown apart and a wave of residual power washed over the rapt audience, a repercussion from the titanic clash!

The figure of Ye Sha landed steadily beside Jun Wu Xie, a slight trail of blood hanging off the corner of his mouth, and a myriad number of wounds could be seen all over his body.

On the other side, Gu Ying had also landed and his condition looked better than Ye Sha was in. Not many wounds were seen on his body no blood could be seen.

When Ning Rui saw the condition of the two combatants, his face lit up with joy.

[Gu Ying won!] [Gu Ying has won!] [He knew it! Nobody here is Gu Ying’s match!]

Just as Ning Rui was about to step up to compliment Gu Ying, the stoned faced Gu Ying’s stomach suddenly seemed to heave, and a full mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth!

At the moment the blood sprayed out, Gu Ying’s body swayed unsteadily as he clutched tightly at his chest, his face creased up as he stared at Jun Xie standing behind Ye Sha. His eyes lit up in flames, wishing fervently to cast a raging inferno upon Jun Xie at that moment.

“Who are you?” His entire body was feeling pain he had never felt before. Gu Ying knew, on the surface, Ye Sha’s wounds seemed more severe than his. But that was only if they compared external wounds and not counting the critical internal injury that he had received in the battle!

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