GDBBM – Chapter 734

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Chapter 734: “Eighth Slap (15)”

“Oh? If you think you have what it takes, you are welcome to give it a try.” Fan Jin replied, not showing a sliver of fear but laughed out loud instead.

Gu Ying’s eyes narrowed. Fan Jin’s response irked him.

“I will then give it a try then.” Before Gu Ying’s words had even reached the ground, his body had turned into a flash of light, and trailing behind his movements, there was a purple trail of light.

[It’s the purple spirit!]

The terrified youths were all stunned when they noticed the trail of purple light behind Gu Ying’s blur of movements. It was incomprehensible to them that the similarly aged Gu Ying could actually possess a purple spirit!

In stark contrast to the youths’ abject horror, Ning Rui was instead staring wide eyed, excitedly watching it all happen.

He knew that Gu Ying and his companions were all immensely powerful, but he had never seen them battle with all the power they possessed. This was the first time Gu Ying was displaying the power of his purple spirit before his eyes and that greatly excited him!

[It’s done!] [He has succeeded!]

Ning Rui was getting so agitated that he was trembling all over.

He could not wait to see the scene where Fan Zhuo’s and Fan Jin’s heads were separated from their bodies!

Just as Gu Ying was closing in to Fan Zhuo and Fan Jin, a black shadow streaked in at an even more tremendous speed to stand before the two brothers!

A stupendous crash exploded at that moment!

Gu Ying could feel a powerful force pushing him back. He quickly raised his head to look at the tall man who was suddenly standing before the two Fan brothers!

Ye Sha stared icily at Gu Ying, his body wrapped in a swirling mass of black spiritual energy.

Gu Ying was startled as he stared in astonishment at the man who had suddenly appeared.

The glee on Ning Rui’s face suddenly froze. He had never for a moment thought that it was possible that anyone would be able to ward off Gu Ying’s attack!

“Seeking to silence your enemies? First you have to see if you have got what it takes.” A chilly voice suddenly rang out, as a petite little figure stepped gracefully off the horse carriage.

Gu Ying turned to look at the person stepping out and his eyes almost burned in flames!

“Jun Xie!” Gu Ying spat out the two words through gritted teeth, his jaw tightly clenched up, as his eyes stared fixedly upon the figure of Jun Xie who had appeared before him.

[He has finally appeared!]

Jun Wu Xie stepped slowly to walk into the Zephyr Academy, as she looked at Gu Ying, and then and Ning Rui, not a ripple of emotion showing in her eyes.

“You were the one responsible for making Wen Xin Han take Fan Jin away from here, right! ?” Gu Ying asked, his eyes not moving away from Jun Xie. He really wanted to know who he had been outsmarted by the wily Jun Xie.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie answered honestly, reaffirming his assumption quickly.

“It was you as well who asked Gu Li Sheng to evacuate all the people in the Spirit Healer faculty. Am I right! ?”


“Today’s events are all your doing?”

“That’s right.”

Gu Ying’s questions were being quickly answered by Jun Xie. On the surface, it looked like they were just having a conversation, but soon everyone could almost feel the tension building up in the air that was threatening to explode at any moment!

The terrified disciples looked at Jun Xie with a strange look in their eyes. From within the simple of exchange of words between the two of them, they suddenly realised something.

The petite sized youth whom they had all gravely misunderstood previously had suddenly changed the entire situation without anyone knowing. If Jun Xie had not saved Fan Jin, the truth behind Fan Qi’s death would have remained covered up, and they would all have naively been hustled into going to the Heaven’s End Cliff by Ning Rui, and ended up dying an ignoble death without anyone knowing…..

“Good! You’ve got some guts! Don’t worry. I will not kill you.” Gu Ying suddenly laughed aloud. His eyes took on a sinister cold glint as he gazed at Jun Xie. Jun Xie’s knowledge of Spirit Healing was extremely important and that would naturally mean he would not be killed. But, he knew of many ways that would make one suffer a fate worse than death!


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