GDBBM – Chapter 733

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Chapter 733: “Eighth Slap (14)”

The devilish red shade burned into the eyes of the youths and the pungent stench of blood stung their noses. The bodies of the three teachers fell before their eyes while Gu Ying who had just killed them just stood nonchalantly at the side, a devilish smile playing across his lips.

As the spray of blood fell, Gu Ying stood close, letting the warm scarlet rain fall onto him. He stood there smiling, his smile filled with a sense of euphoria. His eyes did not show a single tinge of pity or sympathy, but was filled with the rush he relished that the senseless slaughter gave him!

“If anyone refuses to go, you will end up just like them.” Gu Ying said with his head tilted to the side and flashing a brilliant smile to all the astounded youths standing before him.

Gu Ying had a handsome and blindingly brilliant smile. But under the falling scarlet rain that smattered across his face, his smile took on a look that sent chills up their spines!

Ning Rui stood their laughing loudly, an unrestrained laugh, as he stared at the dumbfounded disciples, and he turned to the Fan brothers standing near the main gates.

“So what if you know the entire truth? Are you intending to avenge your father’s death? Ha ha….. A pity. With just the two of you, it is impossible. Not just impossible, but both of you will have to leave your lives behind here as well!” Ning Rui suddenly felt that his earlier worries and misgivings had been all uncalled for.

[With Gu Ying here, it doesn’t matter whether they knew the truth or not!] [They are doomed to die here!] [And people who are dead, will never be able to reveal this secret of his, to anyone at all!]

With Gu Ying’s horrifying display of cruelty and power, those youths who had wanted to resist were suddenly frightened. They stared with their eyes wide open in shock and the more timid ones had already broken into tears.

Over this period, Gu Ying had slaughtered quite a number of people in the Zephyr Academy and they all knew that. But they had not expected Gu Ying to be so impudent that he would even strike at the teachers! What shocked them more was that Gu Ying actually possessed such dominant power. Those three teachers were at least at the green spirit level and although they were not considered to be the finest fighters, but the fact that they had been taken down in a flash that took barely a second was not something the average person could achieve!

Gu Ying was obviously of a similar age as the other youths, but how could he possess such a terrifying personality and carried out killings in such a savage manner?

Gu Ying stared depreciatingly at the terrified youths before him and his eyes were tinged with a sliver of disappointment.

[Just like this and you are all terrified?] [How much more boring can this get?]

But soon, Gu Ying quickly shifted his attention onto Fan Zhuo and Fan Jin. Those two must die, but before they do, he had a few things he wanted to ask them.

“Fan Jin, if you can tell me where Jun Xie is right now, I will allow you a quick and painless death.” Gu Ying suddenly said, his feet stepping through the blood soaked ground, slowly walking towards Fan Jin and Fan Zhuo in approach. Fan Jin was taken away by Wen Xin Han and all of that had been part of Jun Xie’s plan. Now that Fan Jin had appeared in the Zephyr Academy, then he must have been Jun Xie before this, and so he must know where that wily little fox was hiding at that moment.

“That is a rather arrogant stance you are taking.” Fan Jin laughed coldly.

Gu Ying’s eyes narrowed. “You would rather do this the hard way? Or are you just wishing that I can send to reunite with your father quickly? If you do not tell me what I want to know, I will break all your limbs and before your own eyes, slowly break every single bone in your little brother’s body. If that’s what you want, you can just maintain your silence.”

Gu Ying’s tone, was getting to become more cruel

But his cruelty to Ning Rui, was something most joyous to hear!

Ning Rui wished fervently that Gu Ying would slowly torment the Fan brothers to their deaths, for them to fully savour the agonising and excruciating pain before they meet with their father.

And once the Fan brothers are dead, and the disciples of the Zephyr Academy here all lying at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff, then no one will ever find out about all his insidious deeds here!

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