GDBBM – Chapter 732

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Chapter 732: “Eighth Slap (13)”

What Ning Rui said made the entire Zephyr Academy suddenly fall completely silent. Every single person there had their eyes turned and focused on Ning Rui.

Asking this horde of youths to go to the Heaven’s End Cliff would be as good as sending them to their deaths!

Did Ning Rui lose his mind?

“You have truly lost your conscience! It was not enough that you killed the Headmaster, now you are sending all the disciples and teachers in the Zephyr Academy into the lion’s den! Are you intending to kill every single person in the academy before you will be satisfied! ?” Fan Jin fumed vehemently.

Ning Rui was unaffected and he replied: “You don’t have to make it sound so bad. It is said that the fittest survive. I am sending them to the Heaven’s End Cliff to train them up. If they come back from that place alive, they will definitely rise to great heights in the future. As for those that are unable to hold up under the test…..” Ning Rui swept his eyes over the horrified eyes of the youths, giving them all a venomous stare.

If today’s events has not occurred, if his plot of having murdered Fan Qi would not have been discovered, he might still have felt a certain sense of guilt. But now, he couldn’t wait to see all the people here to be completely exterminated immediately!

“If they succumb to it, they will only have themselves to blame for their lack of skills.” Ning Rui said and laughed inhumanly.

At that moment, not just Fan Jin and Fan Zhuo were filled with rage, even the disciples of the Zephyr Academy could not stand to watch idly by! !

Ning Rui was obviously did not even view them as human. By sending all of them to the Heaven’s End Cliff, not just the disciples, but even the teachers would die in that place.

“Ning Rui! Do not take things too far! You murdered the Headmaster, tried to kill the Headmaster’s son, and even wanted to send the entire Zephyr Academy to its death! You are really too vicious! A person like you, is not fit to remain within the Zephyr Academy and no one will continue to listen to you. Making us go to the Heaven’s End Cliff? You should just give up on it now!” Several teachers of the Zephyr Academy’s teachers could no longer contain themselves and they jumped out in defence of the Zephyr Academy. They had had their own misgivings about the training trial before this and upon hearing Ning Rui’s unremorseful rely, they all wished they could leap over and skin Ning Rui alive at that very moment!

Ning Rui laughed at all of them.
“To go or not, will not be up to you.” He then turned to Gu Ying standing beside him and said: “Young Master Gu, this bunch of people are being insufferably pig headed and are creating an obstruction to the grand plan. Can I request that Young Master Gu lend a hand to teach them a thing or two for them to learn their place.”

Gu Ying raised an eyebrow and a sinister mirth came into his eyes as he swept his gaze over the teachers who spoke up earlier.

A sudden chill shot through the teachers. The youth Gu Ying’s identity was shrouded in mystery. He had just been admitted into the Zephyr Academy not too long ago and had already caused quite a big stir. A number of disciples in the Zephyr Academy had died under his hands and according to what Fan Jin said earlier, even the Headmaster Fan Qi seemed to have been one of the victims as well!

Fan Qi was no weakling but he had been killed with a single move! If it had really been Gu Ying’s doing, Gu Ying must be holding rather terrifying power!

“I am sorry to say that all of you must go to the Heaven’s End Cliff.” Gu Ying said to the teachers, flashing them a brilliant smile. And before the few of them were able to react, his body had turned into a flash of purple light, streaking through the mass of people!

The several teachers’ hearts constricted and they were just about to put up their defences when in the next second, they suddenly felt a searing pain on their necks and a bright red spray of warm blood surged and shot out from their necks!

Three of the teachers were taken down by Gu Ying in a flash. Gu Ying’s speed had been so fast that the disciples had not even been able to catch a glimpse his shadow when he moved!

Blood sprayed into the air, and droplets fell like rain covering a large area, staining the uniforms of the youths in a gruesome scarlet shade.

“EEEEEEEEEK!” Ear piercing screeches suddenly erupted from with the mass of people.


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