GDBBM – Chapter 721

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Chapter 721: “Eighth Slap (2)”

Nangong Xu then asked, filled with rage: “Does the Headmaster then know what that place is!?”

Ning Rui threw Nangong Xu a glance, but his eyes were looking past Nangong Xu, at the space behind him, and a his lips curled up in a chilling laugh before he asked: “So, what is that place?”

“It is called Heaven’s End Cliff! A place filled with unbelievable dangers! Needless to even talk about our entire horde of half grown ups just in their teens, even a powerful indigo spirit exponent would not stand a chance of surviving in there! I do not know for what reason the Headmaster would choose such a place for a training trial, but that is a place that we must not go to!” The map had just been delivered into Nangong Xu’s hands some hours ago and he was informed that that would be the path their convoy would be taking tomorrow. He had not really wanted to bother about it but when he took a closer look, he realised the dangers that would be involved and he had come running over to Ning Rui.

“Heaven’s End Cliff? Senior Nangong has got to be kidding. How can that place be Heaven’s End Cliff?” Ning Rui said nonchalantly, his eyes still looking past Nangong Xu.

Seemingly not having noticed, Nangong Xu continued to say huffily: “To tell you the truth, I have gone there once when I was younger. It was with a bunch of extraordinarily powerful group of seniors. They went down to the bottom of the cliff while I remained on the clifftop with a few companions to await the seniors’ return. But they did not come back. We waited for an entire month and we still saw no sign of them! Even after so many years have passed, there has been no news that a single one of them had survived! The Heaven’s End Cliff’s notorious fame, as a place of insurmountable dangers, is now widely known, far and wide. The Headmaster must not allow our academy’s disciples to go there, or the results will be disastrous!”

The Heaven’s End Cliff had subsequently become a place of nightmares and he had been just a teen then. His father and uncles had been some of the highly regarded exponents in their time and they had heard many things said about the Heaven’s End Cliff for a long time. They had once chanced upon the Heaven’s End Cliff’s location and they invited some other equally powerful exponents to go together. Nangong Xu had tagged along then to join in the fun but not a single person among the group of highly skilled exponents had come back alive. And after such a long period had passed, Nangong Xu was convinced, that all those people who had gone down to the bottom of the cliff, had all lost their lives down there.

He did not know how Ning Rui had suddenly come to have conceived such a preposterous idea of sending the Zephyr Academy’s disciples to the Heaven’s End Cliff for a training trial, but he knew he must most definitely stop it from happening!

Ning Rui pretended to be perplexed as he looked at Nangong Xu and he stood up and said: “That place is truly the Heaven’s End Cliff?”

Nangong Xu saw that he was finally getting a reaction out of Ning Rui and he heaved a sigh of relief and quickly nodded. “I am most certain that I am correct.”

Ning Rui continued to ask: “Has Senior Nangong mentioned anything about this matter regarding the Heaven’s End Cliff to anyone?”

Although Ning Rui’s line of questioning was going slightly askew, the straightforward and candid Nangong Xu had however not noticed anything strange. He only assumed that Ning Rui had realised the severity of the situation and was going to call off the training expedition. With that thought, Nangong Xu went on to say: “The moment I realised the map’s destination, I rushed here immediately. I did not have time to tell anyone else about it.”

The moment Nangong Xu finished his statement, Ning Rui suddenly broke out in a bout of sinister laughter.

“Since you did not not bring it up to anyone, then everything’s fine.”

Nangong Xu was just beginning to find it strange why Ning Rui was saying such things when he suddenly detected a strong and intense wave of murderous aura from behind him. Nangong Xu immediately wanted to turn around to face the threat, but before he had even moved, he saw that a long slender arm had pierced through his chest from his back!

A bright red flower seemed to have bloomed out from Nangong Xu‘s chest as he stared through his eyes, wide open with shock, looking at the still laughing Ning Rui.

“Nangong Xu, why must you be so meddlesome?” The smile on Ning Rui’s face twisted up grotesquely as he lifted his head to look at the person who had stealthily attacked Nangong Xu from behind.

The corners of Gu Ying’s mouth were curled up, his face filled with glee. He retrieved the hand that had pierced through Nangong Xu’s body and the warm blood droplets flowed down his arm, dripping into a small scarlet pool that formed on the floor!

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