GDBBM – Chapter 720

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Chapter 720: “Eighth Slap (1)”

The Zephyr Academy on this day was one big mess of chaos. As it was at the end of the year, they were supposed to await the new entrants from selections in the branch division, before holding another round of the annual Spirit Battle Tournament and everybody would all be able to happily return to their respective homes thereafter, to congregate back together again the next year.

But Ning Rui had suddenly announced that all disciples of the Zephyr Academy were to participate in a brand new trial for their training, and as the location was extremely far away from the Zephyr Academy, it would require months’ of journeying for the back and forth trip, therefore, the entire Zephyr Academy would need to ready themselves to move out in three days.

Ning Rui had also reminded the disciples to prepare themselves well, saying that the training would not be at the Battle Spirits Forest this time, but at the bottom of a great cliff.

Once that piece of news spread, the already bubbling pot that was the Zephyr Academy immediately exploded into chaos.

The ripples from the shock stirred up from the Headmaster’s murder had not even calmed and the Academy was already throwing them another bombshell. The disciples who had all been prepared to start packing to go home started to moan and wail in protest.

However, the current figure of authourity in the Zephyr Academy was no longer the kind and benevolent Fan Qi, but Ning Rui.

When Ning Rui was still holding the position of Vice Headmaster, his demeanor had been just as benevolent. But immediately upon Fan Qi’s death, and Ning Rui took on the mantle of the Acting Headmaster, his administration of the academy had grown suddenly harsh and gotten more strict. And the one thing in addition to all these was the addition of the coldblooded Gu Ying, who killed people with remorse or any form of restraint!

Recently, the Zephyr Academy was plaughed with many cases of suddenly missing disciples, and many of them knew deep down in their hearts that all those who had gone missing had in actuality been killed by Gu Ying. In the beginning, some had gone to Ning Rui to plead for him to seek redress for the injustice, but when all of them found the complainant’s body thrown before the Zephyr Academy’s front gates the next day, none of them ever dared say a thing about the matter after that.

They had all clearly realised that Ning Rui was in cahoots with Gu Ying, and no matter how much they cried and bemoaned, Ning Rui would never stand up for them.

It was at those moments, that they all missed the kind and benevolent Fan Qi who would always protect them terribly. Terrified and jittery, there wasn’t a single one among them who did not yearn for the end of the school year to arrive quickly, so as they would be allowed to return home, and avoid that maniacal killer.

But just as that time was coming around the corner, Ning Rui had suddenly come up with an expedition for a trial for their training!

Many of them wanted to protest vehemently, but when they saw Gu Ying standing right beside Ning Rui, they had no choice but to swallow their grouses back down into their belly. They all went their own ways in dejection, their heads hung low, to pack up their things, for the long journey that they would be embarking on in three days.

In regards to Ning Rui sudden and unilateral request for the trial training, Nangong Xu found that he could not under the rationale behind it. He had gone to his office wanting to see Ning Rui a few time to ask about it but he had been stopped by Gongcheng Lei who stood guard outside the door.

Seeing that there was only one more day before they were to leave, Nangong Xu could not hold himself back anymore and he struck out Gongcheng Lei to send him flying before he kicked open Ning Rui’s office door with a resounding crash!

In the office, Ning Rui was sitting behind the table, and placed upon it, was Ning Xin’s box of human ashes. Seeing Nangong Xu bursting into the office, Ning Rui lifted his head, his eyes ringed with dark circles, looking extremely worn and tired.

Nangong Xu had actually been filled with rage, but when he saw the dispirited state Ning Rui was in, he was suddenly stunned a moment.

“Vice Headmaster….. What happened to you?” Nangong Xu saw Ning Rui so completely sapped of energy that the angry words he had at the tip of his tongue were suddenly stuck in his throat.

Ning Rui’s brow creased up slightly as he looked at Nangong Xu and said: “Senior Nangong seems to have forgotten that you should now be addressing me as the Headmaster.” As he spoke, Ning Rui slowly kept Ning Xin’s ashes away.

Nangong Xu replied: “Alright, Headmaster it is then. Then, can the Headmaster please explain this to me? What is the deal with this map?” Nangong Xu asked, slapping a brand new piece of map onto Ning Rui’s table.

That was a map he had just received and the destination marked out on the map, was the place that the training trial would be conducted for the Zephyr Academy’s disciples.

Ning Rui glanced at him and retorted: “That map shows the location that the trial training would be held as it should. So what is Senior Nangong getting so upset about?”

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