GDBBM – Chapter 719

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Chapter 719: “Parting Pains (3)”

After Jun Wu Xie and the others had left, Ye Sha had stayed behind in the Zephyr Academy to keep watch. When he heard Gu Ying’s and Ning Rui’s conversation, he had immediately rushed towards Chan Lin Town to tell Jun Wu Xie the news.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes turned chilly. She had not thought that Ning Rui would carry things to such a far extent!

Sending all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy to the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff?

After Jun Wu Xie and her companions had just experienced the terrifying horrors of the Heaven’s End Cliff, she could almost be sure, that even if there were a thousand of the Zephyr Academy’s disciples, going down to the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff would only result in a complete wipeout of all of them!

Was Ning Rui really intending to use the entire Zephyr Academy to win the favour of the Twelve Palaces! ?

“It’s Ning Rui, isn’t it?” Jun Wu Xie had not even said a word when Fan Zhuo asked, his eyes suddenly narrowed dangerously.

Although Fan Qi was not his biological father, but Fan Zhuo was indebted to him for raising him. It did not matter whether it was Ning Rui or Gu Ying, both of them were now his arch enemies with forever irrecoverable differences!

“We have only three days. Seems like the plans have to be moved forward.” Jun Wu Xie rubbed at her chin as her mind whirled.

“Little Xie, what have you got planned?” Fan Zhuo realised that now was not the time to sink into despair and pain. The enemy was still walking free, how could he allow himself to wallow in his grief and not take any action?

His heart was grieving for the loss of Fan Qi, and bleeding from knowing Fan Jin had lost his mind.

Before vengeance was exacted, he did not have the right to go see Fan Jin.

“I’ve said it before. Only you can prove Fan Jin his innocence.” Jun Wu Xie said, looking at Fan Zhuo.

Fan Zhuo smiled, immediately understanding what Jun Wu Xie was saying.

“That’s right, only the imposter of the Headmaster’s real biological son can convince everyone.”

If the fact that Ning Rui had been able to pin the crime of murdering Fan Qi onto Fan Jin was because Fan Jin was not the “biological son”, then when Fan Zhuo comes forward to reveal the real truth, that would completely negate Ning Rui’s line of reasoning in establishing the motive for killing!

As the biological son of Fan Qi, it would be impossible that Fan Jin would kill his own father over a position that would rightfully and legitimately be handed down to him!

Jun Wu Xie had figured all of that out all this time and that was why she had told Fan Zhuo about everything that had happened in the Zephyr Academy. Because, only when Fan Zhuo showed himself before everyone, would this ridiculous slander be completely crushed!

Ning Rui had thought he would be able to use Fan Jin’s identity as the adopted son to remove him from the line of ascension, but he would never ever expect, that what he knew as fact for almost two decades, had actually been a lie right from the start!

Fan Qi had only one biological son, and that had been Fan Jin right from the start!

“But, I will need one more person.” Jun Wu Xie turned to look at Ye Sha. “Have you sent someone to inform Brother Hua?”

Just having Fan Zhuo show up alone was not enough. She needed one more person, before she could boot Ning Rui over into the deep abyss!

All her pieces were in place, and she needed just one more rook!

Ye Sha replied: “I’ve sent out a little snake. I believe Brother Hua will arrive here very soon.”

Although Ye Sha’s snake was not capable of speech, but it was able to swallow handwritten notes. Once Hua Yao and the others saw the note, they would immediately understand what was going on.

Jun Wu Xie’s plans, involved far much more than her earlier actions at the Zephyr Academy. She had rescued Fan Jin, saved Gu Li Sheng, but there were still things that she wanted repayment for, and she would not accept a single cent less for that!

“Ready the horse carriage immediately. Once Brother Hua reaches here, we will move out immediately for the Zephyr Academy!” Jun Wu Xie said in a cold voice.

[The curtains are just about to raise. Ning Rui, Gu Ying, prepare yourselves for what’s about to come!]

It was some hours later, by the time after Hua Yao and the others received the message that Ye Sha sent to them and they rushed straightaway to come to Chan Lin Town. And in the next moment after they met with Jun Wu Xie, they were already on the horse carriage speeding directly towards the Zephyr Academy.


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