GDBBM – Chapter 718

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Chapter 718: “Parting Pains (2)”

Jun Wu Xie brought Fan Zhuo to see Ah Jing. She stood outside the door and did not go in. As she heard Ah Jing’s sobbing cries coming out from inside the room, she turned and walked towards another room.

Wen Xin Han opened the door and when he saw Jun Wu Xie standing outside, his face broke into a smile. He had only just managed to find out that Jun Wu Xie’s plan had involved not just his rescue of Fan Jin. When he saw Gu Li Sheng in the inn, he had realised that the Young Miss of the Lin Palace had devised a more elaborate plan than he had thought.

In the room, Fan Jin sat staring blankly by the bed. He did not speak and refused to sleep, he only sat there unmoving. The filth had been washed off from him and his clothes had been changed. Someone had combed his hair and his appearance now looked a little closer to what he had been like before.

But just that pair of eyes, they were devoid of the excited exuberance from before.

Jun Wu Xie came to stand beside Fan Jin and held up his hand, before putting the tips of her fingers on his wrist.

The physical injuries on Fan Jin were not too severe, and they would only require a little careful nursing before recovering from them. But the most difficult affliction to cure was his brain.

The two palm strikes from Gu Ying had inflicted serious damage to his brain that caused him to turn into a mindless empty shell.

Jun Wu Xie gave Fan Jin a meticulous and thorough checkup before she finally let go of Fan Jin’s hand.

“How is it?” Wen Xin Han asked, watching from the side.

Ever since Jun Wu Xie’s elixir had miraculously saved his granddaughter’s life, he had developed a deep and profound respect for the Young Miss Jun. And not long after he had stepped out from his seclusion, he had heard of the obliteration of the Qing Yun Clan. He saw Mu Chen when he reached the Lin Palace and he realised then that the words that Jun Wu Xie had said to the disciples of the Qing Yun Clan outside the gates of the Lin Palace had not just been a threat. She had carried out her word completely!

The most established clan throughout the lands, and they were annihilated by her just like that!

“He can be treated, but not right away.” Jun Wu Xie said.

Fan Jin’s injury to his mind was rather serious and it would require quite a long period of time to treat. And assessing the time she had at her disposal now, she did not have enough.

Things back at the Zephyr Academy was not finished yet and if she gave up now, only Ning Rui would stand to gain from it.

Jun Wu Xie stared at Fan Jin and not bothered whether he understood her at that moment, she went on to say to Fan Jin: “When I was admitted into the Zephyr Academy, I was fortunate to have been protected by you. The overdue vengeance for you and your father, I will seek due redress on your behalf.”

Wen Xin Han was deeply moved as he watched from the side.

“What do you intend to do?” Wen Xin Han had thought that Jun Wu Xie only intended to have Fan Jin rescued but after hearing her words now, he knew the matter was still not over.

“I will need to trouble Senior Wen to watch over Fan Jin for a period longer. I have some elixirs here and I would like to further request that you feed one to him three times a day.” As she spoke, Jun Wu Xie put some bottles of elixirs on the table and carefully explained the elixirs effects and dosage before she left the room.

Outside the door, Jun Wu Xie saw Fan Zhuo standing there. His face was pale and without colour, and his mouth curled up ever so slightly in an attempt of a self mocking and bitter smile.

He did not know how long he had stood outside that door, but Fan Zhuo could not find the courage to push open that door.

He did not know how he could face Fan Jin. If not for Fan Qi’s intention to protect him, Fan Qi wouldn’t have declared to everyone that he was the biological son, and Ning Rui wouldn’t have been able to pin the crime on his brother with the excuse that Fan Jin had plotted to usurp the position of Headmaster, and murdered Fan Qi.

With all that had happened, Fan Zhuo felt that he owed the Fan Family just too much.

“I can cure him.” Jun Wu Xie said, staring at Fan Zhuo.

Fan Zhuo managed a bitter smile.

“I will trouble you to do that please.”

Jun Wu Xie remained silent. She didn’t know how to comfort Fan Zhuo, and she didn’t what kind of words would be suitable at that moment.

Just as the two of them were about to walk away, Ye Sha suddenly appeared.

“Reporting to Young Miss, Ning Rui is planning to deploy the entire student body of the Zephyr Academy to go to the Heaven’s End Cliff in three days’ time!”


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