GDBBM – Chapter 704

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Chapter 704: “Prepping for the Counter (3)”

After a while, Jun Wu Xie had just finished eating her bowl of rice. She had just put down her chopsticks and was sitting there quietly when a familiar figure was seen being dragged in by Gongcheng Lei through the door.

When Jun Wu Xie’s gaze fell upon that person, her heart trembled a little. But that unusual reaction did not show on the outside and her eyes still remained chilly.

Fan Jin had been forcibly dragged all the way to this place by Gongcheng Lei!

The once handsome and suave youth, in the prime of his life, was now a wreck, his face sallow and sunken, his body reduced to skin and bones. His blood stained clothes were so completely covered in sordid filth, that its original colour was no longer distinguishable. The face that had always been overflowing with joyous laughter now held no expression. That pair of eyes that once sparkled brightly were now unfocused and dull, staring blankly straight ahead before himself.

Fan Jin dry cracked lips were slightly open, severe dehydration had caused his lips to become so dry they were filled with wounds that had split in many places. A fine thin line of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth down his jaw and dripped from his chin, his filthy clothes covering from his tall and now skinny frame. His body no longer has the flesh and muscle to fill up the loose clothes as the oversized clothes hung loosely from his body. The present Fan Jin was even skinnier than Fan Zhuo when he was still gravely ill! His hair was in a tangled mess like dry grass and dirt and filth covered his face.

Both his hands and feet were shackled and Gongcheng Lei was holding the chain between his hands and dragging the dull and unresponsive Fan Jin forcefully behind him with every step to come before Jun Wu Xie!

Every step that he took, the thick chain around his ankles struck the ground, and the sharp and crisp clanks rang in their ears.

Who would ever link this link this lunatic who looked every inch a filthy beggar with the Fan family’s Eldest Young Master who once took the entire Zephyr Academy by storm?

If it wasn’t for the fact that Fan Jin’s prominent features on his face had not changed, Jun Wu Xie really would not be able to recognise him.

She had already known that Fan Jin would be in very bad shape judging from what he had gone through, but she still had not expected that it would be as bad as what she was seeing now!

And this was with Wen Xin Han shielding him. If Wen Xin Han had not come, Fan Jin would undoubtedly have died, an incomplete corpse!

Ning Rui had because of Ning Xin’s death, developed an intense hatred towards Fan Jin and the Jun Family. He did not have the means to move against the Lin Palace at the moment and Fan Qi had been killed. Hence, he had directed all his hatred and viciousness onto Fan Jin alone.

Fan Jin was still alive, no doubt.

But….. living like this, was more torturing than death.

In this instance, it was good that Fan Jin had lost his mind. Or he might not have lasted till now.

Jun Wu Xie burned the image of the way Fan Jin looked at that moment into her mind, her eyes as calm as before, her mind already analysing the various conditions that his body had been and could be afflicted with.

Dehydration, inflammation, high fever…..

The fact that Fan Jin had lived till this day was already a miracle.

“Fan Jin, you’re here. Come sit down.” Ning Rui’s face was a mask of gentleness as he smiled, acting just like a close and gentle, neighbourly elder.

But Fan Jin no longer possessed consciousness. He was unable to register what Ning Rui was saying. In contrast to Ning Rui’s ‘gentle’ tone and demeanor, Gongcheng Lei’s face was dark as he continued to drag the hobbling Fan Jin towards the table. His harsh and abrasive actions even made Fan Jin trip over his own feet, and fall right into the ground!

Being forced to witness the once straight backed and tall youth falling so helplessly like a tottering child, and not even crying out once, Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt her heart sink a notch.

Fan Jin shouldn’t be in this state.

He did not deserve this one bit!

“How did you come to fall? Somebody help him up quick.” Ning Rui said, with a malicious laugh.

Gongcheng Lei grabbed Fan Jin on both his shoulders, and just threw him onto a chair. Fan Jin was covered in the dust and dirt from the ground and the expression on his face was vacant as his unseeing eyes stared blankly forward.

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