GDBBM – Chapter 703

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Chapter 703: “Prepping for the Counter (2)”

The scent of fresh blood seemed to be blatantly telling Jun Wu Xie that in the time that Gu Ying had been gone while he went to the Spirit Healer faculty, he had once more stirred up a storm of blood in the Zephyr Academy.

“The things that Senior taught to me, even Gu Li Sheng wasn’t entirely clear about it.” Gu Ying said with a laugh, looking straight at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie did not say a single word, but just went on to demonstrate transforming spirit power once more.

Just like Li Zi Mu had been in the past, even with Gu Li Sheng’s personal instruction in the art, if one did not possess the gift, they would not be able to pick up the skill even if they knew everything there was to know about the Spirit Healing Technique.

It was the same for Gu Ying. Jun Wu Xie had naturally not been too concerned about it.

It wasn’t till dinnertime that Gu Ying finally took notice of Ah Jing’s absence. But he just laughed it off, grumbled a little, and did not harp anymore on the matter.


With no Ah Jing, there was no one in the little bamboo grove that knew how to cook.

Gu Ying “invited” Jun Wu Xie to go with him to go “share a meal”. And when they got to the place, Jun Wu Xie’s eyes turned chilly.

Gu Ying had brought Jun Wu Xie to come to the Headmaster’s courtyard. It had previously been Fan Qi’s residence, but everything there had now become Ning Rui’s.

Seeing Ning Rui once again, Jun Wu Xie’s face was completely expressionless, while Ning Rui still his graceful and scholarly self, affable and approachable. However, that was all just the pretense that Ning Rui put forth.

Ning Rui looked at Jun Wu Xie, his face smiling brightly, but in his heart, he could not bring himself to feel any joy. Jun Wu Xie was friendly with the Fan brothers and Jun Wu Xie had also played a part in causing Ning Xin her death. But in order to arouse the interest of Gu Ying and the others, Ning Rui had had no choice but to lure them with the fact that Jun Xie knew the Spirit Healing Technique, but he knew that would also mean he wouldn’t be able to harm a hair on Jun Xie from then on.

When he thought back to the pitiable and wretched state Ning Xin had been in when she died, the amicable smile he had struggled so hard to maintain cracked a little. Just when dinner was about to start, Ning Rui suddenly put down his chopsticks and said to Jun Wu Xie: “It has been quite awhile since you have been away from the Zephyr Academy. Even when you were studying here in the beginning you often did not even turn up and I had not managed to see you much. And when you are here at this moment, you are still not saying a word. Are you uncomfortable or ill at ease in any way? You aren’t on too familiar terms with me and Gu Ying and I’m afraid you won’t be able to enjoy the meal. Why don’t we do this?”

Ning Rui’s eyes flashed with an evil glint. He turned around and said to Gongcheng Lei at the side: “Go ‘invite’ Fan Jin over for dinner.”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were calm and not a ripple of emotion showed. She did not even bother to glance in Ning Rui’s direction.

Gongcheng Lei was dumbfounded and it was only moments later that he acknowledged and left.
Gu Ying turned the chopsticks in his hand and he looked at Jun Wu Xie smilingly.

“I heard that you are on rather good terms with Fan Jin?”

He could roughly guess at Ning Rui’s intentions but Gu Ying did not intend to stop him. Gu Ying was rather interested to see for himself how such a cold and expressionless little brat would react when he sees the state Fan Jin had been reduced to.
[Will a crack finally show upon that expressionless mask?]

Jun Wu Xie pecked at the dishes slowly, not showing the slightest sign of striking up a conversation with Gu Ying.

However, Ning Rui on the other hand, was relating with a big smile on his face: “When Jun Xie had just been admitted into the Zephyr Academy, Fan Jin had been his mentor. In the beginning, there were many rumours about Jun Xie in the Zephyr Academy, and those rumours were extremely vicious. But Fan Jin had still continued to protect him and even brought him to stay at the quaint little dwelling in the bamboo grove. Staying there finally gave Jun Xie some peaceful days.”

As Ning Rui spoke, the malicious glint in his eyes shone brightly.

From what Gu Ying had said earlier, Ning Rui already gathered that Gu Ying did not mind him antagonizing Jun Xie. And if that was the case, there was nothing else holding him back anymore.

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