GDBBM – Chapter 701

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Chapter 701: “Fan Qi’s Death (4)”

Fan Jin was brought away and the blood covered office was cleaned up. Peace and tranquility fell back into the empty office. Ah Jing hid in the hidden compartment for three whole days, too scared to come out. It was not till late at night on the third day that he finally came out of his hiding place and escaped.

After he came out into the open, he found that the Zephyr Academy had completely changed!

Ning Rui had assumed the position of the acting Headmaster and Fan Jin was imprisoned, where he might be executed anytime. The youth, Gu Ying, who had murdered Fan Qi had also stirred up a fit of terror to spread throughout the Zephyr Academy.

Ah Jing wanted to run away, and he did not know who else he could turn to to save them.

He thought of hiding away, and waiting for an opportunity to find Fan Zhuo, and to tell Fan Zhuo the entire truth behind the matter.

But, Ah Jing was soon captured by Gu Ying.

Gu Ying did not know where Ah Jing was the day Fan Qi was killed, but Gu Ying was searching for Jun Xie and he had heard about Ah Jing’s misdeeds from Ning Rui before. For no more reason than just wanting some respite from his boredom, Gu Ying had cut off Ah Jing’s tongue and broken his fingers.

The reason Ah Jing had been able to live till now had been because….. Ah Jing had completely lost his mind.

Killing an incoherent loony, would not be able to give Gu Ying the satisfaction he seeked in slaughter and he deemed it to be dull. Moreover, Wen Xin Han had suddenly returned and that had restricted him from carrying out the senseless slaughter whenever he felt like it, so he had spared Ah Jing his life, to use him to vent his frustrations by giving him a beating when he felt his lust for slaughter overwhelm him.

Ah Jing had just run out from hiding a few days ago. After his escape, he had hid within the little bamboo grove and not dared to roam. He hid there not because he feared to die, but he was hoping he would remain alive long enough to see his Young Master, and to tell Fan Zhuo the truth behind Fan Qi’s death.

Ah Jing had not expected that his waiting would lead him to see Jun Xie instead of Fan Zhuo!

When Ah Jing saw Jun Xie, he had wanted to tell Jun Xie everything. But when he thought of Gu Ying’s overwhelming power, where even the Headmaster and Fan Jin were not his match, he thought Jun Xie would not survive either if he faced up to Gu Ying.

Hence, he chose to hide the truth.

Till just now, when Ye Sha had suddenly appeared, it had shown Ah Jing a faint ray of hope.

He was such a powerful man, and he might just be able to oppose Gu Ying!

That was when he finally summoned up the courage to reveal everything to Jun Xie!

Jun Wu Xie read all that Ah Jing had written and her face creased up in a frown as she stared at the still kowtowing Ah Jing.

He was begging, for her to save Fan Jin.

He had spoken about his gnawing guilt and deep shame. Ah Jing had also said….. that if she were to save Fan Jin, he would reciprocate the favour by killing himself.

Jun Wu Xie rubbed at her temples. What Ah Jing had told her had cleared up her previous doubts.

Why had Fan Jin not resisted when he was arrested? Wen Xin Han was in the academy, so why did Fan Jin not tell him everything?

With Wen Xin Han present, as long as Fan Jin was able to prove his innocence in the matter, Wen Xin Han would surely ensure his safety, and even get rid of Gu Ying and Ning Rui.

The fact was…..

It wasn’t that Fan Jin did not reveal the truth, but the fact was that he could not do it and wasn’t capable of telling!

Based on Ah Jing description of the events, Jun Wu Xie could very well guess that the two strikes that Gu Ying inflicted upon Fan Jin’s head, must have jolted Fan Jin’s nerves in his head heavily resulting in a head injury.

Ah Jing had feigned lunacy to protect himself, but Fan Jin…..

Must have really lost his mind, and had turned into an idiot.

The once radiant and candid youth, was now gone. The Fan Jin currently imprisoned in his room, had become a walking empty shell without any consciousness!

“Get up.” Jun Wu Xie said to Ah Jing after she drew in a deep breath.

Ah Jing however continued to hit his head upon the ground in plea. The flesh on his forehead had already split and was bleeding profusely, and a small pool of blood had formed before him.

He deserved to die, he was too naive, and his death was overdue!

Even if Jun Wu Xie asked for his life, he more than deserved it.

But, the Elder Young Master must be saved!

Who can save the Elder Young Master!?

Please save him!

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