GDBBM – Chapter 700

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Chapter 700: “Fan Qi’s Death (3)”

Fan Qi had carried out his actions just as planned. He first chatted with Fan Jin casually on leisurely everyday topics before he steered the conversation onto the topic of Ah Jing. Ah Jing was at that time concealed within the hidden compartment, so anxious that his palms were all wet from his nervousness.

However, just as Fan Jin was about to say something, the door of the office was suddenly opened wide.

Two other figures stood outside the door!

One of them was Ning Rui, and the other one was Gu Ying.

Ah Jing had initially not thought that anything was amiss, but the things that happened next made him thought he had just fallen into the deep abyss!

Gu Ying entered the office and without a word, he suddenly disappeared from his spot!

In the next moment, Gu Ying had appeared right next to Fan Qi and the sword he held in his hand was plunged right through Fan Qi’s chest, pinning him right onto the back of the chair he was sitting in!

Even till the point he died, Fan Qi had not even had time to react to or realise what was happening. He could only slump forward and grasp in a deathgrip, Gu Ying’s hand that was wrapped around the sword’s hilt, blood flowing out from the mortal wound and his mouth, his eyes staring in disbelief at Ning Rui, who had brought Gu Ying into the office.

When Fan Qi was killed, Fan Jin blew his top and leapt into a furious attack on Gu Ying.

But it was surprising that Fan Jin, in the top few ranks as a fighter in the Zephyr Academy, had been completely subdued by Gu Ying with just one lone stroke. Gu Ying did not kill Fan Jin, but just violently struck Fan Jin on the head with both his hands. Ah Jing stood frozen in the hidden compartment, painfully witnessing Fan Jin tall frame fall limply to the ground.

Then, he heard Ning Rui’s voice.

Ning Rui said: “Finally….. Hahaha….. You’re finally dead….. Hahahaha….. Fan Qi! You are finally dead! ! Hahahahaha…..”

At that moment, Ah Jing felt as if he had been struck by lightning. Never would he have dreamed that the usually gentle mannered Ning Rui had wanted Fan Qi dead all this time. In the hidden compartment, he was completely devastated. He clamped both hands over his mouth before his cries could escape out from his mouth.

He could clearly see Gu Ying pull out the sword lodged in Fan Qi’s chest and pressing the hilt into the hand of the unconscious Fan Jin.

After that, he left the office together with Ning Rui, and locking the door behind them.

Ah Jing had fallen into utter despair and the agonizing pain that wrecked at his mind made him feel like his head was about to explode.

But very soon, the unconscious Fan Jin suddenly sat up. Ah Jing was ecstatic and had wanted to burst out from the hidden compartment until he noticed Fan Jin strange demeanor, and he froze once more in there.

Fan Jin looked like his soul had been taken from him, staring blankly in front of himself, his hand still holding the sword that killed Fan Qi. Blood dripped off the point of the lowered sword but Fan Jin seemed oblivious to everything around him, but just stood there motionless.

Ah Jing wanted to step out, to go check on Fan Jin’s condition, but the door to the office opened at that moment.

It was the servant who was in charge of all the deliveries to Fan Zhuo in his little bamboo grove, Gongcheng Lei, who opened the door. He stared silently a moment at Fan Jin as he stood unmoving in the office and staring blankly ahead. He called out with a low holler to Fan Jin, but there was absolutely no response.

The next moment, Gongcheng Lei suddenly let out a heart rending wail.

“Headmaster! What happened here!?”

The loud wail soon attracted a lot of people to the scene. Fan Qi was dead, and in the room, Fan Jin stood staring blankly and unresponsive, holding the blood stained sword in his hand, not moving an inch. Everyone was dumbfounded by what they saw. Ning Rui was slow to arrive at the scene and he made arrangements for Fan Qi’s funeral with feigned sorrow, and grieved and lamented while he ordered the guards to imprison the non longer responsive Fan Jin.

But Ah Jing had witnessed the whole thing. Before Gongcheng Lei had wailed loudly, his lips had curled up in a smile just for a brief moment.

That was clearly seen by Ah Jing!

The murder of Fan Qi, and then framing it onto Fan Jin, Gongcheng Lei was accomplice to the crime!

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