GDBBM – Chapter 680

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Chapter 680: “Escape from Heaven’s End Cliff (5)”

The method they employed to raise their spirit powers, was not fully understood even by they themselves, as people from the Middle Realm. They had been able to use it all this time, but only as an ability that they had been born with. And if you were to ask them to dissect this unique ability and explain the entire concept to someone, that was something that would be completely beyond them.

If the concept behind that ability was so easily understood, then the gap between the powers of the people between the Middle Realm and the Lower Realm would not be that huge!

Not to mention mere young youths just like Qiao Chu and his companions, to even find people from the Twelve Palaces themselves who really understood the ability fully was difficult as there were only a rare few, and the Twelve Palaces had been rather reluctant to use something like this as a lure for the Lower Realm people to risk their lives for them.

With the exception of the owner of the stone house they were in, irregardless whether it was the Qing Yun Clan’s Ke Cang Ju or the Zephyr Academy’s Ning Rui, they had not learnt anything of the ability. That told Jun Wu Xie that the Twelve Palaces had not been entirely willing to impart that knowledge and have it spread into the Lower Realm. As once the people in the Lower Realm start to understand the basis and concept of the ability and began to spread the knowledge, the power of the Lower Realm would surely increase and narrow the gap of the mights between the two realms.

Even with something that even the mighty Twelve Palaces held so close to their chests and were so unwilling to part with, Jun Wu Xie had actually used just a few days to fully decipher and learn it all! ?

And that was just based on a line of words that vaguely mentioned about the ability that all the others had completely missed.

If all of them had not been travelling with Jun Wu Xie all this time, and knew that Jun Wu Xie was undoubtedly from the Lower Realm, they would have misunderstood her to be just like themselves, where they were all from the Middle Realm.

How did the Lower Realm produce such a heaven defying prodigious little devil! ?

Even Ye Sha was shocked by Jun Wu Xie’s unbelievable capabilities.

“I had thought Little Xie was a genius. It seems that I couldn’t have been more wrong. This girl is not human I tell you, she is just godly! !” Qiao Chu was completely humbled before Jun Wu Xie’s capabilities. Just based on a vague sounding line of words, to uncover the most critically held secret of the Middle Realm’s widespread phenomenon, and to learn it in a matter of days….. Under the Heavens, only Jun Wu Xie alone was capable of such a feat!

Qiao Chu’s whisper to the others made Jun Wu Xie suspicious.

“Have I said anything wrong?” Jun Wu Xie thought over everything she had said earlier, and did not find anything wrong.

[But, why is everyone looking at her so strangely?]

Rong Ruo finally laughed out loud and shook her head.

“But I am still not too adept at the ability yet. That was just my first successful attempt earlier and to be able to use it just like all of you, I will still require a period of time.” Jun Wu Xie gave up on deciphering her teammates’ strange expressions. The only thing on her mind now was the newly acquired ability of temporarily raising the level of her spirit power.

If she was able to succeed, then that ability would not be used just by her alone in the Lower Realm.

Her Grandfather, her Uncle, the Rui Lin Army….. After she was well versed in it, she would be able to record it down in detail and send it to the Lin Palace!

Qiao Chu and the others took quite a while to fully accept that Jun Wu Xie had so quickly been able to learn how to temporarily raise her spirit power level. Just recovering from their shock, with everyone all together in the safety of the stone house, and their incessant worry for Jun Wu Xie‘s disappearance finally resolved, the crushing weariness and agonising pain from their injuries, finally erupted and came over them hard.

In moments, several of them had fallen to the floor, gasping heavily while sitting upon the ground.

Jun Wu Xie stared at all of her teammates who were just roaring with life moments ago, but suddenly sitting on the ground all pale faced, she suddenly understood that the past few days that her companions had experienced should have been very much different from what she had gone through.

This crude stone house that Drunk Lotus had discovered, had turned out to be a good place for Jun Wu Xie to rest and recover, and although rather lacking, it had still kept out quite a bit of the dangers around.

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