GDBBM – Chapter 663

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Chapter 663: “At the Bottom of the Cliff (1)”

The wind was blowing at a very high speed and they were powerful gusts. Suspended from the rope, Jun Wu Xie started to swing. All she could do was to curl up her body and pivot her entire body weight onto her feet pressed against the cliff face.

The sudden cold and strange wind blew for a while before it stopped. But not longer after that, the wind kicked up once again!

Without any specific rhythm or pattern, the wind seemed intent on dislodging all of them to make them fall into the eternal abyss. With the companions already in an torturous situation before, the wind became another agonizing obstacle for Jun Wu Xie and her companions to overcome.

[They need to speed up!]

Jun Wu Xie drew in a deep breath. Faced with the chillingly low temperature while navigating the treacherous wet and slippery cliff face, having to maintain the ropes frost free with something in the mist draining their spirit powers constantly, and now with the erratic strong wind trying to dislodge them from their precarious positions on the ropes, made all the companions start to feel alarmed, and incredibly tensed up.

Constantly and persistently tortured by the elements, Jun Wu Xie’s mind was stretched to its limit.

Not just her, even if the much more highly skilled Ye Sha and Ye Mei were to fall off into the seemingly bottomless abyss, the result would still be certain death!

Caught within such terrifying circumstances, the strength and power of men seemed miniscule and insignificant.

The power of nature, was not a force livings things were able to oppose!

Buffeted by the strong winds, all of them held on tightly to their last vestiges of sanity, and sped up their descent towards the bottom.

After an unknown period of time, Ye Sha and Ye Mei finally felt something other than emptiness beneath their feet. They could suddenly feel the ground as their feet landed upon it!

Needless to mention Jun Wu Xie and her companions, even the two of them were almost driven mad by the endless tortures that assaulted all their senses throughout the unbelievably agonizing descent!

“Young Miss! We’ve reached the bottom!”

Ye Sha’s voice rang out from within the darkness.

Ye Sha cold hard voice suddenly sounded like heavenly music to all the companions!

With their final spurt of energy, Jun Wu Xie and the others climbed as fast as they could to the bottom of the cliff. The moment their feet touched the hard ground, the fears and insecurities they had while suspended upon the ropes immediately evaporated!

Qiao Chu almost wanted to weep with joy!

“We’re down here at last. That was just inhuman! I was almost thinking the Heaven’s End Cliff was truly bottomless!” Qiao Chu exclaimed, patting himself over his heart. Although he was thoroughly exhausted, nothing else was more reassuring to him than the firm ground his own two feet were stepping on at that moment.

The pitch dark bottom of the cliff, had such a low temperature it made their teeth chatter. The long, arduous, and high strung descent had almost taken all the energy out from the youths. After the initial jubilation faded, their exhaustion and weariness hit them very quickly!

They were suddenly finding it difficult to remain standing. Qiao Chu and the others held on to the wet and cold cliff wall, trying their hardest to remain upright.

Jun Wu Xie was not doing much better, but her heart was completely calm as she took out the Spirit Fire Globe they had previously prepared. In a place so cold and wet at the bottom of the cliff, it was entirely impossible to light a fire. The high humidity would not allow the flame to continue to burn.

But the Spirit Fire Globe she held in her hand was different.

A Spirit Fire Globe did not contain a real flame, but it depended on burning up spirit stones to bring illumination.

The prices of Spirit Fire Globes themselves were extremely high, and to make them light up, one had to burn up spirit stones. That also meant, every minute of usage of the Spirit Fire Globe, was as good as burning up a great amount of money.

Jun Wu Xie had not known that such a thing existed before. She only got to know about it from Mu Qian Fan.

Mu Qian Fan had known of Spirit Fire Globes long before, but the exorbitant prices would cause too big a drain on finances and so he had never purchased them before. But Jun Wu Xie had no lack of money.

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