GDBBM – Chapter 662

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Chapter 662: “To the Bottom of the Cliff (3)”

The darkness and the fear of the unknown made time slow to a crawl, making it impossible for them to gauge just how far a distance they had covered.

The cold and clammy fog swirled around them, condensation on the ropes caused them to get wet and they were soon covered in a thin layer of frost.

The chill from the frost would cause the dampened ropes from the high humidity to freeze easily. After ropes freeze, they become weak. If that happened, they would not be able to hold their weight!

In order to disperse the frost, Jun Wu Xie and her companions had no choice but to infuse their spirit powers into the ropes. Although the the amount of power required to do that was small in amount, but the length of the rope was unusually long and they would need to remain in that state for an extended period of time. For if the rope was to freeze, it would snap off in the middle and the fall would be long and fatal.

“This place is entirely not fit for humans to come to. How in the world did the people from the Dark Regime come upping such a ghastly place?” Qiao Chu’s voice rang out within the darkness. His usually loud and and boisterous voice had now turned a little weary and tired.

He was even too tired to ask Jun Wu Xie how long they had been climbing. Although he was painfully aware that his hands were now numb and tired, while the joints in his legs were already slightly sore.

Just the descent down the Heaven’s End Cliff was already so torturous and Qiao Chu did not dare imagine how terrifying the actual bottom of the cliff would be.

“For someone like the Dark Emperor who was able to unify the whole of the Middle Realm, would his final place of eternal rest be carelessly chosen? If not for these layers upon layers of hurdles and obstacles guarding the place, the Twelve Palaces would have found the Dark Emperor’s tomb centuries ago and emptied it completely. The fact that the people from the Dark Regime made this place so treacherously dangerous is also their way of showing their unwavering loyalty. After the passing of the Dark Emperor, they had actually expended so much resources and efforts to bury all the Dark Emperor’s treasures and magical artifacts together with him. It can be seen, in the hearts of the people of the Dark Regime, just how highly they regarded the Dark Emperor and their unshakable faith.” Hua Yao’s voice slowly rose out of the darkness. His tone was neither fast nor slow, as he was trying to drain as little of his spirit power as possible.

“As someone so incredibly powerful, how did he get killed?” Fei Yan asked, feeling rather puzzled.

To have unified the entire Middle Realm, fully subjugated the Twelve Palaces, Nine Temples, and Four Regions, such unbelievable power, to the youths who had lived less than just two decades, was just completely inconceivable.

With the power of one man and one army, taking on the entire Middle Realm, that was such a glorious and impossible accomplishment!

With the Dark Emperor as powerful as that, how did he die so suddenly?

The stronger one’s spirit power was, the longer his lifespan was extended. An indigo spirit would already allow one to live beyond a hundred. While Qiao Chu and the others had never met the Dark Emperor, and did not know how powerful he actually was, they nevertheless knew what kind of powers the twelve rulers of the Twelve Palaces who were suppressed and subjugated by the Dark Emperor held.

In their eyes, the powers of the twelve rulers of the Twelve Palaces were almighty and the fact that they had to defer to the Dark Emperor told them on no uncertain terms that the Dark Emperor’s power superceded the combined powers of all the rulers.

The Dark Emperor’s passing, had always been an unacceptable fact to many.

“No one knows.” It might be the darkness and anxiety that caused the youths to be so tensed they began to transmit their voices, to somehow reassure themselves that they were not completely alone within the suffocating darkness.

However, Jun Wu Xie’s voice cut in suddenly.

“If you don’t want to fall, what all of you should be doing is to hold on to your ropes tightly, and not get so curious about a dead man’s business.”

Just as Jun Wu Xie’s voice faded into the darkness, Qiao Chu and the others who had just descended a few more metres suddenly felt a strong gust of wind rush past them from within the blinding mist!

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