GDBBM – Chapter 661

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Chapter 661: “To the Bottom of the Cliff (2)”

“We’re here right below, Young Miss.” Ye Mei and Ye Sha said together.

“What’s the situation down there?” Jun Wu Xie asked. With the help of her spirit power, Jun Wu Xie was able to relay her voice across without having to speak loudly.

“Visibility is extremely low and the temperature is even lower. I would like to suggest for our Young Miss and her companions not to rest for too long. The mist here feels rather strange. It accelerates the draining of the body’s spirit power. If we remain within this mist for a long period, more and more spirit power will be drained away.” Ye Sha’s voice reached them through the impenetrable fog suddenly.

He was just ten over meters further down below Jun Wu Xie and her companions the mist surrounding them felt completely different from those they had just passed earlier. The mist here felt as if there was something within it that drained at their spirit powers.

Ye Sha’s words made the hearts of the youths above sink. Although they had prepared themselves mentally before this and they knew that the Heaven’s End Cliff was filled with many dangers, but they had not expected that even the mist itself would be so dangerous.

“Suddenly, I have the utmost admiration for Mu Qian Fan and his men. How did they actually manage to do this?” Qiao Chu moaned. A place so filled with dangers everywhere, as people from the Lower Realm, it was a miracle that Mu Qian Fan and his team had actually made it down to the bottom.

And Mu Qian Fan had even survived long enough to make it back, that was just unbelievable!

“As seasoned adventurers, Mu Qian Fan and his men are much more experienced than all of us when dealing with such a place like this, I would assume they have their own ways.” Hua Yao chimed in.

“The mist around us now are not showing signs of draining away our spirit powers yet, but when we go further down, I believe the situation will turn out just as what Ye Sha said earlier.” Rong Ruo had summoned her Hell Butterfly to check the air around them.

“Try to recover your physical and spirit power here as much as you can as we will not have time to rest after this.” Jun Wu Xie bit on her ration of dried meat. The cold and hard dried meat was like a stone pebble as it went down her throat.

All of them stopped talking and followed Jun Wu Xie’s instructions to rest as much as they can, while conserving every bit of spirit power they could.

After resting for a short while, they resumed their descent once more.

After descending a short distance, they could finally feel the phenomenon that Ye Sha mentioned earlier.

The spirit energy that the companions covered their bodies with seemed to dissolve into the air, unable to coagulate into a complete protective layer. They disappeared bit by bit and the companions had to expend more of their spirit energy to patch the areas where the protective layer had dissipated.

The temperature surrounding them had turned bitingly cold. Even after having worn extra thick clothings, Jun Wu Xie could still feel the icy chill, freezing up her face. The dampness in the air made the chill seep right to their bones.

In such circumstances, without the protection from their spirit powers, they would easily get frostbitten.

The seconds slipped by going into minutes. Jun Wu Xie continued with her habit of counting the seconds in her mind. Visibility was getting lower and lower all around her, to the point that Jun Wu Xie couldn’t even see Rong Ruo’s and Qiao Chu’s silhouettes clearly anymore. Very soon, even the shadows disappeared when everything fell into darkness so deep she couldn’t see her own hand in front of her face.

Thick silence engulfed her, only the sound of her gloves rubbing against the rough ropes and the crushing noise of loosened gravel as her feet stepped on the cliff face could be heard.

In blind darkness, the absence of noise amplified the sense of insecurity and fear towards the unseen and unknown in their hearts. The high number of lives the Heaven’s End Cliff claimed reminded them clearly the level of danger it harboured!
‘Sha sha…..’

‘Sha sha…..’

Besides these sounds, nothing else could be heard.

The cliff face became wet and slippery, if they were not wary of where they stepped, they risked the possibility of a bad sprain anytime.

Every step they took, every inch they descended, called for caution, and more caution.

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