GDBBM – Chapter 643

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Chapter 643: “Spirit Reinforcement (5)”

The little black cat on the table finally managed to clear its mind after much effort but what it immediately saw, was its own Mistress looking at it with a strange look in her eyes.

Those eyes, immediately heightened the little black cat’s innate animal instincts and it warned  the cat of the very close and imminent danger!

“What are you thinking of!?” The little black cat shrank back, and backed itself into the farthest corner, a look of terror filled its horrified eyes as it stared at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie stretched out her hand, and she grabbed one of the little black cat’s front paws, forcibly dragging the petrified cat before her.

“I went through thick and thin with you for so many years! I deserve at least even that little bit of credit even if you don’t appreciate it! You can’t do this! !” The little black cat was still babbling incessantly when it suddenly found its mouth covered by Jun Wu Xie’s hand.

“You are getting more and more talkative.” Jun Wu Xie said, her eyes narrowed as she looked into the little black cat’s eyes.

Before being reborn, Little Black had been a lot more quiet.

The little black cat looked mournfully at Jun Wu Xie.

It wanted to tell its Mistress so badly. It wasn’t true that it did not like to talk in the past, it was just that Jun Wu Xie’s past life could not be described as anything else but dull and monotonous. Living those days in endless repetition, carrying out the exact same tasks every single day, what was there for him to talk about?

“What you stepped on, were runes that I wrote. They are the same runes Fan Zhuo employed on the spirit ring, but I cannot be sure of what they mean. But seeing what happened to you earlier, these runes can be put to good use. When applied onto a spirit body, it will create and lend to it certain effects.” As she spoke, Jun Wu Xie released the little black cat’s mouth and dipped a finger into her tea, quickly drawing out a strange character on the table.

“This is what you stepped on the first time.”

As she finished her statement, she continued writing a second character on the table.

“This is what you stepped on the second time.”

“The first time, you were engulfed in flames but did not feel any pain. That means that the power possessed your being, but would not cause any harm to yourself. I tested it on Lord Meh Meh earlier, applying the exact same method did not work. Only spirit bodies are able to make use of the powers these runes give.” Jun Wu Xie rubbed at her chin as her mind raced, quickly processing all her observations.

“But on both occasions, the time that the powers lasted were very short. It could be due to the fact that the runes were written out with my finger dipped in tea, and the tea had evaporated quickly from your body and that’s why the powers did not last long.”

If what she was guessing was to be correct, then they wouldn’t even need to directly apply the runes on the spirit ring, but to find a suitable method to temporarily apply the runes on the ring spirits. She would then be able to gain her results faster and it would not harm the ring spirits even if she applied the runes incorrectly.
What made Jun Wu Xie even happier from this discovery was that it would solve another big problem on her mind!

She would finally be able to recognize the different characters among the runes!

She could remember the individual shapes of the various characters from the runes, but she had not been able to decipher the meanings behind them. Now, she would only need to write them out with water, apply it onto the little black cat, and the resulting effects would tell her the meaning behind the character applied. The process was quick, and it did not call for much energy to carry it out.

“You….. You don’t really mean to test them all on me right…..?” The little black cat’s whiskers trembled, as it stared at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie just nodded honestly.

The little black cat shook its head vehemently as it pleaded.

“You can’t! You cannot do this! Don’t you still have Little Lotus! ? Summon him now! ! Why is it always me! ?”

It must protest!

Jun Wu Xie patted the little black cat on its head and said gently: “You just reminded me.”

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