GDBBM – Chapter 630

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Chapter 630: “Sudden Departure”

At that moment, Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed, and the corners of his mouth curled into a devilish smile. In the quiet and tranquil woods, he lifted his head and looked far into the distance.

“They sure are being rather persistent.”

Ye Mei stiffened, suddenly putting up a defensive stance.

Jun Wu Yao turned his gaze back and gave out a low laugh before he said: “Look like I won’t be able to hand the gift over personally to Little Xie this time. Ye Mei.”

“Your subordinate awaits your orders!”

“Find Little Xie an elixir stove. Tell her….. I will return to see her in a few days.”

“Yes, my Lord!” Ye Mei fell back onto one knee, acknowledging the order.

Jun Wu Yao did not say anything else and he suddenly disappeared from where he had been standing.

Ye Mei lifted his head and peered through the thick canopy of leaves above him. He saw several lightning quick flashes of light sweeping past through the sky.


Within the little bamboo grove, Jun Wu Xie was frowning as she stared at Ye Mei, who was kneeling right before her.

“Young Master Wu Yao had some pressing matters to attend to and would temporarily not be able to come see Young Miss. This stove was what Young Master Wu Yao told me to give you Young Miss.” Ye Mei pulled out a small stove from his clothes, the golden stove had a coiled dragon carved on its surface, and it looked extremely intricate and well made.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the stove for a long while and did not say a word. The stifling silence in the room made Ye Mei not dare to move an inch.

“I know now.” After long moments later, Jun Wu Xie finally said.

Ye Mei breathed out slightly in relief. “Young Master Wu Yao said, after a period, he will come see Young Miss again.”

“You’re dismissed.” Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

Ye Mei retreated out of the room silently.

In the room, only Jun Wu Xie was left. The little black cat jumped onto the table, and walked round the intricately made stove in scrutiny, its furry black tail, brushing against the stove a few times.

“It’s not made from gold. I can’t tell what material it is.” The little black cat said honestly.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly reached out and swept the stove off the table.

A loud clatter sounded loudly, as the stove fell onto the floor.

The little black cat froze, as it stared at the frosty cold face on Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie was staring at the elixir stove, an unfamiliar sense of frustration gripping at her heart. If not for the damned elixir stove, if she had not made Jun Wu Yao go find her another elixir stove, would that mean he might not have left?

These feelings of frustration were foreign to her and she did not understand them. She only knew that the illogical feelings greatly unsettled her usually calm and rational mind.

It was unnaturally quiet in the room. Not only the little black cat had felt it, even Lord Meh Meh who had been lying quietly on Jun Wu Xie’s bed could sense the strange change that had come over Jun Wu Xie. It continued to lie unmoving on the bed, its sparkly innocent eyes fixed on Jun Wu Xie’s cold and unyielding back.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly stood up, and she picked up the elixir stove that had fallen onto the ground. Without a word, she turned and walked to another room beside hers. The other room was filled with all kinds of herbs, all of them were brought here by people under Fan Qi’s orders. Fan Zhuo’s health had shown great improvements recently and Fan Qi greatly admired Jun Wu Xie’s skills in medicine, so whatever Jun Wu Xie asked for, he would order people to get it for her.

And this room, had been converted into a temporary pharmacy for Jun Wu Xie’s exclusive use.

Jun Wu Xie placed the elixir stove on the table without a word, and began to pick out herbs from the fully stocked rack placed the side, carrying out her motions just as she had done everyday in the recent past. Her calm and collected demeanor made all that had just happened earlier, seem like an illusion.

Lord Meh Meh jumped off from the bed, and its hooves tapped on the ground as it made its way to the door leading into the pharmacy. It stretched out its little head and peeked in together with the little black cat at Jun Wu Xie as she made herself busy inside.


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