GDBBM – Chapter 631

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Chapter 631: “Coming to Chan Lin Town Again (1)”

Time slipped by peacefully, and two weeks quickly passed. Besides going to the Spirit Healer faculty to explain to Gu Li Sheng further on the improvements made to the Spirit Healing Technique, most of her time was spent cultivating elixirs in the little bamboo grove. Although the elixir stove Ye Mei had brought had looked very small in size, it was only after it was fully opened up that one could see its extraordinarily hidden features. From the outside, the elixir stove looked intricately small and would not be suitable for the production of big batches of elixirs. But its interior actually held space very similar to a cosmos sack.

Its capacity handled elixirs numbering not just in tens, but was even capable of handling batches of elixirs in the hundreds at one time. That elixir stove did not even require a fire, it would heat up on its own once you placed the elixirs inside.

With Jun Wu Yao’s departure, Fan Qi had to resume the delivery of food to the little bamboo grove from his kitchen. And in those two weeks, Jun Wu Xie had not detected anything suspicious added into the food brought in.

The fact that the culprit had suddenly stopped trying to poison Fan Zhuo greatly piqued Jun Wu Xie’s curiosity.

Although they did not hold any concrete evidence in their hands, both Jun Wu Xie and Fan Zhuo  were nevertheless completely certain that the culprit behind the poisoning of Fan Zhuo was Ning Rui, and no one else.

“Could it be that Ning Xin’s death had dealt too big a blow on him?” Fan Zhuo tried to reason, as he sat at the table. Ning Rui had been keeping an extremely low profile in the Zephyr Academy recently, seldom seen to even step out of his office. In the past, Ning Rui had always insisted on eating his meals with Fan Qi, but after Ning Xin’s death, even that long time habit had been broken.

“A man who was even willing to abandon his own daughter would not be so weak willed.” Jun Wu Xie had not eased up on her vigilance. Ning Xin’s death that day had been extremely tragic and tormenting, but throughout the whole ordeal, Ning Rui had completely restrained himself, and had not even pleaded once for Ning Xin’s life.

It had been obvious, that Ning Rui had been ready to give up on Ning Xin at that moment.

Instead of assuming that Ning Rui was so badly shaken by Ning Xin’s death that he did not dare to carry out any retaliation, she would rather want to think that he was deliberately trying to hide or diminish his own presence.

Afterall, his own daughter had committed such heinous deeds. After it was exposed for all the disciples of the entire academy to see, even if he could explain that he played no part in any of it and was not to be blamed, he could not dictate the way other people saw him.

“We make a trip to Chan Lin Town in a few days.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

Fan Zhuo paused a moment and asked: “You intend to go to the Heaven’s End Cliff?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.

“That’s fine. My things at the smelter should be ready by now. When we reach Chan Lin Town, give me a few days to forge you your new spirit rings before you leave for the Heaven’s End Cliff. The place is afterall known to be extremely dangerous and every bit of additional power would give all of your extra protection.” Fan Zhuo said with a smile.

Only by inheriting the Dark Emperor’s rare treasures, would they gain enough power to resist the Twelve Palaces!

A few days later, Jun Wu Xie gathered Qiao Chu and the others and moved out together towards Chan Lin Town. As it was not a rest day for the Zephyr Academy, the Chan Lin Town was a lot more quiet than the last time they were there. The main street only had a smattering of stalls, the endless bustling scene from before completely absent.

Jun Wu Xie and her group were dressed in civilian clothes to not draw so much attention to themselves.

After they confirmed their lodgings and settled down, Rong Ruo went with Fan Zhuo to the smithy to retrieve the Black Silver.

On the other hand, Jun Wu Xie and the others made their way towards Mu Qian Fan’s residence.

Mu Qian Fan stayed in a far corner of the Chan Lin Town. The houses there were all simple and crude, and according to the address Mu Qian Fan gave them, the group came before a old and tattered little house, and Qiao Chu went up to knock on the door.

Moments later, the badly battered wooden door opened.

Mu Qian Fan was fully covered in bandages, as he appeared behind the door. The moment his eyes saw Jun Wu Xie, they brightened up visibly.

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