GDBBM – Chapter 629

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Chapter 629: “Being Coquettish? (3)”

Jun Wu Yao stopped in his tracks, his attractive eyes narrowed, and he scanned through the gaggle of girls before him. After he did not detect any danger from them, he did not give them another glance and walked away quickly.

“Eeeeek! Did he just look at me!? Ahh! He is really so so handsome…..” One of the girls hiding behind the bamboos exclaimed, clutching at her chest, her face blushing a bright pink.

“What do you mean look at you!? He was looking at me!”

“All of you get out of the way! Don’t block my view of his strong handsome back!”

“Awww….. Is he leaving already? Let’s follow him!”

The troop of young girls lifted their skirts and scramble to keep up with Jun Wu Yao’s steps with stars in their eyes, deeply afraid if they moved a step slower, they would miss taking another look at his handsome figure.

Jun Wu Yao had originally intended to summon his powers to quickly depart once he got out of the little bamboo grove, but he was now being closely followed by a group of the Zephyr Academy’s disciples. He nevertheless kept the smile on his face, looking seemingly unaware of them, as he walked towards the exit of the Zephyr Academy. As he went along on his way, the shrieks and whispers he attracted grew more and more raucous.

It was only after he stepped out of the Zephyr Academy’s compound that the noise gradually disappeared.

After Jun Wu Yao had left the crowd far behind, he suddenly turned into a flash and disappeared, causing the group of girls secretly following to lose sight of him, where they stamped their feet greatly infuriated.

Jun Wu Yao appeared once again not too far away from the Zephyr Academy, and Ye Mei appeared right beside him as well.

“Did anyone notice me?” Jun Wu Yao asked, thinking back to the hushed whispers he heard back at the Zephyr Academy, and his eyes narrowed once more.

On any other day, he would have annihilated all those pesky insects without a thought. He had not done it today because he did not want to bring Jun Wu Xie any trouble.

Ye Mei was confused, and he hesitated a long moment before he asked warily: “In which aspect is my Lord referring to?”

Jun Wu Yao shot Ye Mei a glance and Ye Mei gulped before asking in haste: “Is my Lord referring to the group of disciples earlier?”

Jun Wu Yao nodded.

Ye Mei cleared his throat awkwardly and said: “They….. I do not think they know of my Lord’s identity.”

“Have Ye Sha keep an eye on them. If anyone were to guess it, kill them.” Jun Wu Yao ordered coldly.

“Yes…..” Ye Mei replied stoically, while in his heart, he mourned for the gaggle of young, bashful and ignorant young girls, lighting joss sticks for them.

In fact, the situation had begun from the very first day that Jun Wu Yao had stepped into the Zephyr Academy. The news had just spread suddenly that there was a “personal attendant” so incredibly handsome and inhumanly good looking staying at the little bamboo grove and that had attracted the attention of many of the Zephyr Academy’s female disciples.

The Zephyr Academy had no lack of handsome male disciples, but they had never seen someone who was “inhumanly good looking”. Hence, the group of female disciples, blossoming in youth, had begun staking out the little bamboo grove. Although they had not been able to catch Jun Wu Yao leaving the dwelling in the bamboo grove, in the times that Fan Jin had gone there, the girls had been able to catch glimpses of the breathtaking figure from outside, through the doors that opened when Fan Jin went through them.

Basically, as long any of the girls had glimpsed Jun Wu Yao once, those girls would thereafter adamantly remain just outside the the little dwelling’s main doors, for no other reason, than to be graced with that one glimpse of the amazing lithe figure, whenever the dwelling’s doors opened.

However, those young girls’ dreams and fancies, mattered not the slightest in the eyes of Jun Wu Yao.

Ye Mei did not dare to imagine, if only those girls knew, just by trying to catch a few glimpses of his Lord, might very well cost them their lives, would they still persist in their shallow pursuit of attractive males, like moths to a fire?

[Lord! Those innocent girls have merely fallen in love at first sight with you! They do not deserve to pay with their lives just for that!]

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