GDBBM – Chapter 625

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Chapter 625: “Inviting Trouble (2)”

Ning Rui raised his head warily. Although he was feeling endlessly anxious in his heart, he did not dare to let his eyes roam. Although the youth before his eyes looked to be just about the same age as his recently deceased daughter, he was nevertheless clearly aware just how cruel and vicious the handsome youth before him really was.

Killing a person to him, was something as mundane as eating a meal, and it would not cause him the slightest discomfort.

Even Ning Rui did not dare to act imperiously before Gu Ying.

“I wonder if the other Lords are here today?” Ning Rui said, his voice serville.

Gu Ying leapt off the railing with a laugh, his nimble body suddenly appeared right in front of Ning Rui. A razor sharp dagger was pressed against Ning Rui’s throat, its sharp point pricked through his skin, as a drop of blood trailed down his neck.

Ning Rui’s heart skipped a beat. Gu Ying’s speed was too fast, he had not even seen when Gu Ying had approached him!

“What? Is there something you don’t want to tell me?” Gu Ying’s eyes reflected the fearful face of Ning Rui, and when the scent of blood wafted into his nose, Gu Ying grew unnaturally excited.

“No….. No, why would I?” Ning Rui was drenched in cold sweat. If not for his burning desire to exact vengeance for his daughter, he wouldn’t have dared to come into contact with this bunch of devils.

As malicious as Ning Rui was, before Gu Ying and his companions, he held only terror towards them.

Gu Ying raised his eyebrows and lifted a foot, easily trampling Ning Rui onto the ground.

“What is it, say it quick. I am not interested in watching about to pee in your pants.” Gu Ying said uninterestedly as he toyed with the dagger in his hands, balancing the drop of blood Ning Rui had left on the blade, making it run, over its smooth gleaming surface.

The bright red droplet of blood, reflected Gu Ying’s murderous eyes, looking every inch a demon, who had crawled out from a pool of blood.

Ning Rui’s innards almost ruptured from Gu Ying’s single stomp of his foot, but he dared not utter a single word of complaint and could only clutch at his stomach as he struggled to stand up falteringly, and with a trembling hand, he brought out the little wooden box hidden in his pocket.

The moment Gu Ying saw the wooden box, his eyes flashed with a strange look.

“What? When we gave that to you, we asked you search for it properly, but you had repeatedly stalled and resisted. If not for the Elders asking to spare you your life, I would have slaughtered you then. And for you to bring it here today, what is it supposed to mean?”

Ning Rui hurriedly replied: “My humble self was not stalling nor resisting. I had already sent many groups of people to go to the Heaven’s End Cliff, but they had all died at the bottom of the cliff. How would I dare to neglect my Lords’ matters? But the Heaven’s End Cliff is truly a dangerous and treacherous place.”

“I am not interested in hearing your nonsense.” Gu Ying said with a chilling laugh.

Ning Rui felt a chill run through his body and he gulped before he said: “I know that my Lords are anxious to have the Heaven’s End Cliff explored. After thinking more about it, I came up with an idea. Would my Lord care to hear me out?”

Gu Ying nodded his head impatiently.

“The Heaven’s End Cliff is not a place the average person would be able to explore properly. But every individual disciple of the Zephyr Academy were considered elites and they are gathered in great numbers. If we can make all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy go down to the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff together, we just might be able to gain a full understanding of the terrain at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff in the shortest time possible.” Ning Rui suggested cautiously.

“If that can work, then just carry it out.”

Ning Rui quickly replied: “I had actually had the intention to do this all this while, but I am still merely the Vice Headmaster, and not the one who holds absolute power in the Zephyr Academy. Above me, there is still the Headmaster and I have discussed this with him before, but the man had been very stubborn and would not agree to it. It is also due to my humble self’s incompetence that I am unable to mobilize the strength of the entire academy. I beg for my Lord’s forgiveness!”

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