GDBBM – Chapter 623

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Chapter 623: “Personal Attendant (5)”


Fan Zhuo stared at the deliciously amazing spread of dishes laid across the table in front of him, his expression showing him stupefied for words. He lifted his head and shifted his gaze to look at the coldly calm Jun Wu Xie, but saw a strange sparkle in her eyes.

[Was that person really Jun Wu Xie’s brother?]

[Was he not just an attendant?]

Looking at the table completely filled with fantastic dishes, all of them in no way inferior to food prepared by the greatest chefs, Fan Zhuo could not help but hold that suspicion in his mind.

Even just by looking, he already found them irresistibly tantalizing!

Although Jun Wu Xie’s face did not show much of a reaction, but her eyes still finally turned to Jun Wu Yao, who was sitting on one side of the table. Her eyes were filled with suspicion, seemingly asking Jun Wu Yao, whether the table full of dishes, were really prepared by him!

She simply could not make herself draw a link, between what was before her to Jun Wu Yao.

“They all look simply fantastic!” Fan Jin was wiping at his drool, his stomach rumbling noisily.

“Can….. I….. try it?” Fan Jin stared wide eyed at Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao smiled and nodded.

Fan Jin stretched out his chopsticks immediately, and in a flurry, his chopsticks picked food from a few dishes into his bowl, and he started on his meal happily.

The first mouthful that went into his mouth, almost made him cry out tears of joy.

“Bery bery….. ood….. gwew….. cry come…..” Fan Jin’s mouth was full of food, as he asked Fan Zhuo and Jun Wu Xie to try some, his eyes moist, moved by the taste of the food.

Fan Zhuo smiled awkwardly and nodded to Jun Wu Yao before he picked up his chopsticks.

Jun Wu Xie hesitated another moment before she moved her hand.

As she tasted the food, Jun Wu Xie suddenly turned to look at Jun Wu Yao.


Jun Wu Yao beamed brightly, satisfied.

After Fan Jin complemented Jun Wu Yao on his “culinary talents”, hidden outside below the window sill, Ye Sha and Ye Mei who were eavesdropping were almost on the verge of tears.

“The Young Miss said it’s nice.” Ye Sha said.

“If the Young Miss likes it, that means our Lord will like it. The Young Miss’ praise, will be our Lord’s praise! I am a little excited by it.” Ye Mei rubbed his hands together, his sense of accomplishment suddenly shooting through the roof.

The two men who had walked the lands, taken countless lives, were now hiding below a window sill, feeling so proud of their culinary talents that they were moved to tears.

As long as the Young Miss loves it, just cooking for her was nothing.

Even if she asked for embroidery, they were willing to take up the challenge!

To adequately satisfy their Lord, it was a task that was as tough as reaching the Heavens. But the Young Miss was now obviously easily to “please”. Ye Sha and Ye Mei came to the same conclusion in that instant. Trying to gain the favour of the Young Miss, was more effective than directly trying to win the favour of their Lord!

Having been held captive to Jun Wu Yao’s “culinary skills”, Fan Jin thanked Jun Wu Yao profusely before he left. Jun Wu Yao listened him out good naturedly, till Fan Jin left.

Fan Zhuo stood up immediately, embarrassed for his brother.

“I apologise. My brother is a little slow. If he has offended you in anyway, please forgive him.”

Only the Heavens knew, that this meal was the most painful meal he had sat through in his entire life.

Jun Wu Yao raised an eyebrow.

“He knows.” Jun Wu Xie said in explanation.

Jun Wu Yao knew what Jun Wu Xie was saying immediately.

“It’s nothing. As long as Little Xie is happy, it’s fine.” Jun Wu Yao turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, in fact, he had completely forgotten what Fan Jin had said earlier.

Besides Jun Wu Xie, no one else deserved him to spare them a moment of his attention.  

Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao, seemingly like she had something to say to him, but she did not know how to put it in words and she gave up.

Jun Wu Yao would temporarily put up at the little bamboo grove and Fan Jin had informed Fan Qi about it, to allow him to remain in the Zephyr Academy as the personal attendant of Jun Wu Xie.

According to the rules of the Zephyr Academy, they were not allowed to bring their personal retainers into the academy.

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