GDBBM – Chapter 618

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Chapter 618: “Finally Missing Me? (6)”

Under the soft moonlight, the two people were just staring at each other. Qiao Chu was chewing on his cured beef jerky sitting beside the fire, his eyes getting more confused as he observed the two people.

Those two had remained in that position for a long time and Jun Wu Xie had even seemed to have fallen asleep in the middle.

Even if he did not have any siblings himself, he could help but ask himself why was he feeling that the way that pair of siblings interacted with each other was a little “unconventional”?

Which elder brother would hold his sister’s hand for so long and always hold such a doting expression on his face throughout it all?

“Not alike….. Not alike at all…..” Qiao Chu muttered softly to himself.

Fei Yan shot a glance at Qiao Chu, and stuck a roasted rabbit’s leg right before Qiao Chu’s eyes, blocking his voyuering eyes.

“What?” Qiao Chu snapped back to his senses as his eyes locked a moment onto the scaldingly hot and alluringly fragrant rabbit’s leg before him before he turned to Fei Yan to ask.

Fei Yan rolled his eyes at Qiao Chu.

“You stare any longer at them and your eyes will pop out of their sockets.”

Qiao Chu’s face flushed red, and he coughed a couple of times awkwardly.

Fei Yan saw Qiao Chu’s red face and mischievously poked: “Say, I was thinking why you were staring so intently at the two of them, don’t tell me you have other intentions towards Little Xie? And you were staring at them in envy?”

Qiao Chu’s eyes widened in alarm and he stared in shock at Fei Yan. His face quickly turned from a bright red sheen to a deathly pale white, and he shook his head like a child’s toy drum*.

“Do you realise you spouting such words so carelessly will get me killed! ? How could I possibly harbour any other thoughts for Little Xie! ? My heart is still pure and unblemished alright! ? Do not lump me in together with those thoughts coming out from your filthy mind!”

Needless to say, he saw Jun Wu Xie purely only as a “revolutionary comrade” and if he were to stray and have any other thoughts towards her, he would lose his life wouldn’t he? Not to mention just how cruel and brutal Jun Wu Xie was, the elder brother who had suddenly just appeared would be able to squash him with just his little finger!

He treasured his life too much for him to want to get himself needlessly tangled with such a ridiculous pair of siblings!

“Since you claim that you have no ulterior motives, then here, you go give them this leg of rabbit.” Fei Yan grinned evilly, obviously having set Qiao Chu up for this.

Qiao Chu glared at Fei Yan, and Fei Yan continued to say: “If you don’t bring it over to them, you must be guilty.”

Qiao Chu felt like he wanted nothing more than to throttle the crossdressing scoundrel at that moment.

“I’ll bring it! Do you think I’m afraid to do that! ?” Qiao Chu grabbed at the roasted leg of rabbit and stood up in a huff, and he began striding towards Jun Wu Xie.

Fei Yan and Rong Ruo exchange a glance and they both gave a conspiratorial grin.

Hua Yao just shook his head helplessly as he sat on the other side of the fire.

Qiao Chu was about midway there when he paused a moment before he resumed walking to finally come before Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao raised his head, and his eyes were smiley as he looked at Qiao Chu.

The expression before him was very obviously friendly, but without knowing why, it sent a shiver up Qiao Chu’s entire body.

“Erm….. This, for you two to eat….. now. You haven’t eaten anything yet.” Qiao Chu stammered, jittery with fear as he stared at Jun Wu Yao, and in his heart, he was already crying pitifully.

Jun Wu Yao smiled slightly, and replied: “Thanks.”

Qiao Chu stiffened. Jun Wu Yao’s smile did not contain a single trace of aggression, and even he, as a male, found the smile pleasing to the eye. The inexplicable fear that had previously gripped him all this while suddenly dispersed into the wind with that winsome smile.

Wu Xie’s elder brother….. might not be as terrifying as he had imagined him to be…..

That was what Qiao Chu thought.

“No thanks needed…..” Completely defenceless against beautiful people, Qiao Chu grinned and immediately turned to return back to his companions.

Completely wiping clean from his mind just how terrifying Jun Wu Yao had been before.

Jun Wu Yao held the roasted leg of rabbit and brought it before Jun Wu Xie’s mouth.

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