GDBBM – Chapter 617

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Chapter 617: “Finally Missing Me? (5)”

Jun Wu Yao shook his head and held up Jun Wu Xie’s other hand, to place it over the golden bean to cover it before he whispered: “Just like how you would absorb a ring spirit, absorb the golden bean a little by little.”

Jun Wu Xie closed her eyes and did as what Jun Wu Yao told her, slowly absorbingly the golden bean clasped within her palm.

Closing her mind off, Jun Wu Xie’s soul seemed to plunge deep into a darkness. It was pitch black all around her, so dark she could not see her fingers before her face. But a streak of golden light suddenly flashed passed within that darkness, drawing a bright blinding arc.

The speed of the golden flashes grew, leaving many light trails in the darkness. While there was only one streak of light at first, as time went by, the number of streaks seemed to increase and crisscrossed each other, forming a gigantic blindingly bright golden net within the endless darkness!

Suddenly, that golden giant net exploded in a bright flash into glittering golden sparkles, falling against the darkness, before gradually disappearing.

Soon, everything became completely dark once more. After a momentary pause, a dim ray of golden light slowly appeared in the midst of the encompassing darkness.

That was a tiny golden bean, taking form as it coalesced hanging in midair, giving out a dim golden glow to shine out in all directions.

Jun Wu Xie felt her consciousness becoming more and more clouded, as the darkness surrounding her gradually closed in.

She suddenly opened her eyes, and Jun Wu Yao’s flawlessly handsome was reflected in her clear eyes.

It had been sunny before, but now, the woods was filled with the chirping of insects and the clear blue skies had been replaced by night. The moon hung over the horizon, and the vast endless skies were littered with millions of twinkling stars.

It had been just a blink, but half a day had passed.

Jun Wu Xie gathered her thoughts for a moment.

She felt as if she had only closed her eyes for just the briefest of moments but when she opened her eyes, the sky was already completely dark.

“How are you feeling?” Jun Wu Yao asked, beaming widely at her.

Jun Wu Xie snapped back to her senses and carefully checked the condition of her own soul. After the incident in the Cloudy Peaks, a part of her soul had been lacking and deficient and she had not been able to patch it up all this time. Although it was not usually obvious to people on most days, only Jun Wu Xie knew clearly how much of an inconvenience her incomplete soul was causing her.

After absorbing the golden bean, Jun Wu Xie’s soul was still not complete, but at least she did not tire so easily like before.

She seemed to be able to feel that her injured soul was gradually being restored at a extremely slow speed, and of she wanted it to be fully restored, it was not something that would be achieved in a short period of time.

“It works.” Jun Wu Xie clasped her hand over her chest, feeling her soul, regaining its harmony, under the mysterious healing power.

“That’s good.” Jun Wu Yao’s mouth broke into a smile and he withdrew the hand he had on Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder.

“What is that?” Jun Wu Xie had never seen anything like it. In her past life, even when science had been so amazingly advanced, it had still not been able to achieve any breakthrough in regards to the reconstruction and healing of souls.

“It’s just an interesting seed. Little Xie does not need to know its origins. As long as it works for you, then that is its use. If it doesn’t work, then it will just be useless rubbish.” Jun Wu Yao said lightly, trying to give the impression that even such a mystical golden bean, did not amount to much in his eyes.

Was that really true?

Jun Wu Xie did not believe it for a moment. If it was something that simple to him, why had he disappeared for such a long period of time?

But Jun Wu Yao was unwilling to speak more on it, and Jun Wu Xie was not about to press him further on it.

“Thank you.” Jun Wu Xie thanked him softly.

“I’ve said it before. With Little Xie, I have no need for any thanks.” Jun Wu Yao gripped on Jun Wu Xie’s small hand. Although he was saying that with his mouth, his eyes nevertheless lit up with joy.

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