GDBBM – Chapter 596

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Chapter 596: “Seventh Slap (3)”

The Qi Kingdom might just be a small nation, but the fame of the Rui Lin Army, was known far and wide throughout the lands!

Known to be the most ferocious strike force, they had appeared right before the gates of the Zephyr Academy. What could they be here for?

“When Senior Lu left, didn’t he say….. Senior Ning….. had attempted to have….. some General from the Rui Lin Army….. killed?” A quick minded youth suddenly remembered what Lu Wei Jie had claimed, just before he left.

On the day when Lu Wei Jie had been chased out of the Zephyr Academy, what he said then before his departure had kicked up a huge storm and it had dragged Ning Xin’s reputation into the mud then. But the news that Jun Xie had murdered Li Zi Mu quickly overshadowed the accusations thrown at Ning Xin and they were slowly forgotten. With the Rui Lin Army appearing in such a grand fashion before the Zephyr Academy’s gates, the matter that had almost faded from their memories quickly reignited and the rumour mill started whirring furiously once again, kicked into high gear.

[Does this mean that everything Lu Wei Jie said was the truth?]

Fan Qi hurried over to the main gates shortly after. When he saw the grand formation of the Rui Lin Army, a shock went through his body and his heart beat furiously.

Among the gathered mass of towering, proud, and stalwart warriors, Fan Qi could not help but notice a figure that looked totally different in contrast, a young girl seated high upon a warhorse in the front beside Long Qi, who commanded an unnaturally overwhelming presence. Her identity was most definitely someone extraordinary!

“I was not aware of General Long Qi’s arrival and I hope you’ll excuse my tardiness in my welcome.  I would implore our respected guests to come in for a chat.” Fan Qi was trying his hardest to put forth a composed front. Since the last Spirit Hunt had ended, he had known that this dreadful day would come. The reason he had agreed to expel Lu Wei Jie and the others in such a hasty manner before was an attempt to appease the Rui Lin Army’s and Mu Chen’s rage.

Long Qi nodded and raised a hand up. More than a hundred soldiers behind him immediately pulled on their reins and all the warhorses stood rigidly still.
That precision and uniformity in the movements of the soldiers made all the eyes of the gathered disciples light up in awe, and their heartbeats reached a fervor, their blood coming to a boil.
The disciples were at that age where their youthful exuberance were at their peaks. Which youth among those disciples wouldn’t idolise such an impressive array of fully armored soldiers?
Long Qi swung himself off his horse and extended his hands out to help the petite young girl beside him get off the tall horse.
“And this would be……” Fan Qi looked at the beautiful but cold young lady, and said cautiously.

“The Young Miss of the Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie.” Long Qi straightened his back upright and replied in a grand voice.

[It’s the Young Miss of the Lin Palace!]

Fan Qi’s forced facade of composure cracked slightly in his shock. The Rui Lin Army were subservient only to the Qi Kingdom’s Duke, Jun Xian. The Imperial Emperor held no authority over the Rui Lin Army and they only took orders from people from the Jun Family’s bloodline. Jun Wu Xie might still be rather young, and on top of that, she was a girl. But just the character “Jun” in her name, was telling Fan Qi undeniably, that she held the authority to command the Rui Lin Army here!

He had actually intended to downplay the entire matter but Fan Qi could not help it but start to become rather worried now. When even a family member of the Jun Family itself had come all the way here, it was inadvertently telling him that the matter would not be so easily resolved!

All the disciples who were watching intently from behind, had upon hearing Long Qi’s words, suddenly found themselves staring wide eyed, at the beautiful and mesmerising girl, who seemed slightly younger than all of them, with surprise in their eyes.

She was obviously so young, but the aura emanating from the girl made people forget her age. Even when she stood among the towering and menacing Rui Lin Army, she did not show a single trace of weakness. Her chilly expression did not allow anyone to disregard her overwhelming presence.

It made her seem as if she had been born, to lead this most ferocious strike force, from the start!

All the disciples were still very much taken by the beautiful young lady and they did not dare defile that perfection in anyway. They lowered down their heads and did not dare to stare so obsequiously at Jun Wu Xie.

“So it’s the Young Miss of the esteemed Jun Family, forgive me for my tardiness in coming forward to receive such a distinguished guest.” Fan Qi said with an awkward smile, the shock still gripping his heart.

Jun Wu Xie shot Fan Qi a scathing glance and replied: “There’s no need. I am here today to demand justice for our Rui Lin Army. The Zephyr Academy promised to provide to my Rui Lin Army with a satisfactory response. What I would like to know is whether the Headmaster has already expedited an appropriate recourse for the matter?”


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