GDBBM – Chapter 595

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Chapter 595: “Seventh Slap (2)”

“Ask Fan Jin to get dumb Qiao and the others to come over here tomorrow. If there is anything you want to know, you can ask them about it then.” Jun Wu Xie said as she poured herself a cup of tea.

“You mean about the Rui Lin Army?” Fan Zhuo asked, with an inquisitive look on his face. He had earlier asked Jun Xie about his connection with the Rui Lin Army but the little rascal had been too lazy to explain it to him and pushed the topic away in a display of sheer laziness.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Fan Zhuo watched Jun Wu Xie intently, seemingly thoughtful before he asked: “The Rui Lin Army will arrive tomorrow, won’t they?”

“Mmm.” Jun Wu Xie nodded again.

The corners of Fan Zhuo’s lips raised slightly. The Rui Lin Army will come here tomorrow, and Jun Xie was telling him he would need to be away for a period. The two seemingly separate events happening at the same time inevitably led Fan Zhuo to think there must be a link between them.

However, Jun Wu Xie still had no intentions of explaining any bit of it to Fan Zhuo and after she carelessly threw Fan Zhuo a few hasty words of farewell, she quickly left.

The distance from the Qi Kingdom to the Zephyr Academy wasn’t too far away and the way they would take to come would invariably be through the main thoroughfare.

Long Qi was leading his team of Rui Lin Army soldiers, a grand and majestic procession, passing through the wide road, their shining silver armoured soldiers sitting tall upon great war horses. The grandiose air emanating from the contingent of battle hardened men made all the people that passed them on the road scramble out of their way in a hurry.

“Boss, Young Miss is really at the Zephyr Academy?” A soldier beside Long Qi asked, with deep longing showing in his eyes.

Long Qi cast a glance at the soldier, his gaze solemn.

“We are in no position to probe into the Your Miss’ business.”

The soldier shrank back, and nodded hurriedly. But a glint of anticipation nevertheless remained in his eyes.

As the contingent passed the main thoroughfare, the men from the Rui Lin Army had to enter a smaller path. Although narrower, the path stretched out, bathed in tranquility, albeit, a little windy. The smaller path allowed only three horses to march abreast, and dense trees lined both sides of the path. As it was already dusk, there were not much people seen on it.

Suddenly, a figure appeared on the path. From afar, the setting sun’s rays lit in a radiant glow from behind the figure, masking the figure’s face in shadows. The light of dusk showered the area around the figure from the back, creating a golden halo to surround him.

Long Qi frowned deeply, and gestured sharply with his hand. All his men immediately perked up, wary and alert.

However, when Long Qi led his men forward, he had just gotten closer to the figure when he suddenly swung off his steed in a hurry and fell quickly on one knee!

“Young Miss!”


In the Zephyr Academy, one day had passed. The turmoil that had stirred up the Spirit Healer faculty had begun to subside. But the residual tremors had not yet completely stopped when another piece of earth splitting news hit, and quickly stirred up another storm that raged and tore throughout the entire academy once again.

Before the gates of the Zephyr Academy, hundreds of armoured soldiers, riding tall atop gallant war steeds, stood blocking the entire entryway. On the backs of the huge armoured war horses, were towering men, their faces hard as forged steel, the auras they gave out fiercely menacing. Their stalwart and straight backed poise, made all the disciples who had gathered behind the academy’s gates, fear to take another step forward.

But, in the midst of the contingent of fearsome and intimidating group of soldiers, there was a lone figure that stood out different.

Dressed in pure white, her demure grace evident atop the high steed, her face flawlessly beautiful. All the Zephyr Academy’s disciples gathered there, were suddenly bedazzled, without a single exception.

Within the Zephyr Academy, they had no lack of beautiful youths. But none could measure up to the girl sitting atop the handsome steed before their eyes.

The white dressed girl, looked to still be rather young. The mesmerizing aura surrounding her made people inexorably stunned by her beauty, but also drove an inexplicable fear into them of profaning the flawless beauty with their gaze. Her face was cold as frost and expressionless, her crystal clear eyes glinted with a chill. As she passed the crowd of disciples, those eyes did not fall a single moment, on any one of them.

Cold, chilly, and somehow terrifying.

“Who are these people?” A youth behind the gates whispered softly.

“It’s the Rui Lin Army! The most ferocious strike force!” A sharp eyed youth pointed at the banners flapping in the wind and cried out softly.


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