GDBBM – Chapter 594

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Chapter 594: “Seventh Slap (1)”

Even after knowing that Gu Li Sheng had been forced to accept them as disciples, the youths nevertheless still greatly cherished their identity as a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty and would do anything to retain their positions.

They were very reluctant to lose them.

“Sor….. Sorry….. We were dumb and naive to have believed those baseless rumours. I hope you can find it within your generous heart to forgive people as despicable as us! Please forgive us all!” The youth formally took a ninety degree bow, pleading for Jun Xie’s forgiveness.

The rest of the disciples behind him, all bowed as well.

Jun Wu Xie cast them a glance, and did not even say a single word, before she proceeded to continue walking away.

The bunch of youths waited a long while in their spots with their backs bent and did not get a reply. When they raised their heads, they found that Jun Xie had already walked out through the Spirit Healer faculty’s main doors without giving them the least bit of attention! The world crashed down upon them at that moment, and they sobbed at the impending loss to come.

“What…. What should we do….. Does that mean he….. won’t forgive us?” The youths huddled close together and cried, visualising the inevitable sorry scene of them being chased out of the Spirit Healer faculty.

Jun Wu Xie was completely oblivious to the indescribable bind the disciples were caught in and was already making her way back to the bamboo grove.
Along the way, countless pairs of eyes were trained on that slowly moving petite figure. Every single one of those gazes that fell upon Jun Wu Xie were no longer laced with contempt or mockery like before, but replaced with deep shame and a sense of fear.
When they see Jun Xie now, it invariably reminded them all of the shame they had felt that morning when Gu Li Sheng and Fan Qi had slapped them all with their admonishments, and none of them dared to take a single step to approach Jun Xie.
Hiding their faces from the shame they felt, the disciples slung away and hid like mice into corners. As for those disciples that happened to come face to face with Jun Xie, they found the strength suddenly leaving their legs when they saw the petite figure, trying their fastest to scramble out of his way.
Jun Wu Xie did not seem to notice, paying them no attention as she continued on her way to the bamboo grove.
In the bamboo grove, Fan Jin was excitedly recounting the morning’s glorious events to Fan Zhuo. Fan Jin’s face was flushed and his voice was exhilarated, how he wished was able to reenact the whole scene that played out at the square that morning.
Fan Zhuo smiled and did not say a word, but his eyes were lit, sparkling with joy.
“Hee hee….. You should have seen it. It was really most exhilarating! You remember that grumpy teacher, Qian Yuan He? The one in the Beast Spirit faculty? He had previously gone all around telling everyone about all of Jun Xie’s faults. Today, Uncle Gu’s words almost made him want to go smash his head on the wall to kill himself in shame, it made me so happy then….. Ha ha ha…..” Fan Jin was getting more animated the further he narrated. He had suddenly brought two big jars of wine here to celebrate his good mood today on this rare occasion.

Besides Jun Wu Xie, the next person who was happiest about today’s turn of events was inexorably Fan Jin.
In that gloomy period, Jun Xie had suffered the endless curses and got herself viciously sworn at. But on the other hand, Fan Jin, who had been the one who had given everything he had to protect Jun Wu Xie while being privy to the truth behind it all had had an extremely hard time holding it all in to the point of almost bursting.

“Little Xie, you’re back!” The moment Fan Jin saw Jun Wu Xie come in, he jumped up excitedly and his tall and towering frame swayed and tilted from having stood up too suddenly. Fan Zhuo nimbly stretched out an arm to lend his brother some support.     
Jun Wu Xie sat down at the table and looked at the slightly tipsy Fan Jin.
“Today, we really managed….. to make that bunch of bastards shut up, ‘hic’…..” Fan Jin managed to slur with a goofy grin as he fell back down onto his chair.
Fan Zhuo turned to Jun Xie and gave a helpless shrug.
Ever since Fan Jin had stepped in, he had not stopped talking, and neither had his wine cup, which had been barely seen parted from his lips, in an obvious display of his joyous mood today.
Jun Wu Xie and Fan Zhuo were non drinkers and they watched Fan Jin as he chugged down the two large jars. Soon, Fan Jin was roaringly drunk and he quickly fell face down on the table and slept snoring loudly.

“My Big Brother is feeling really happy today.” Fan Zhuo smiled awkwardly as he looked at his completely drunk and unconscious elder sibling. But he knew in his heart, that his brother was genuinely happy today.

“I will need to leave for a period.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

Fan Zhuo was slightly taken aback by the sudden announcement.

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