GDBBM – Chapter 593

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Chapter 593: “Slapping the Mob (11)”

“You should just come to the Spirit Healer faculty from today onwards. Of course, if you have anything else that you are busy with, you can just go ahead and do it. There is no need for you to inform me.” Gu Li Sheng was extremely polite with his words as both his hands were gripped tightly around the scroll that Jun Xie had given him previously. He had pored over it for the past one day and night, reading and rereading it, but he was still unable to fully grasp everything written in it and he was anxious to seek Jun Xie’s guidance.

Gu Li Sheng allowed Jun Xie the highest autonomy and that was something he had never ever granted to any disciple before.

But Jun Wu Xie deserved every single bit of that and all that she had received.

She possessed the required capabilities and even when Gu Li Sheng provided her with the unprecedented privilege, not a single person dared raise a single voice in protest.

Her capabilities had even developed the Spirit Healing Technique, bring it to a level above Gu Li Sheng’s!

“I will need to leave for a few days after this.” Jun Wu Xie said softly, immediately stating she had other business to attend to.

Gu Li Sheng panicked and tried to open his mouth. He had not expected that Jun Xie would have other things to attend to immediately…..

He suddenly felt dejected, but he could not renege on his own words.

His heart winced the more he thought about it.

“Cough….. So, how many days will you be gone?” Gu Li Sheng was looking rather awkward. He had really wanted Jun Xie to explain in more detail what he had written in the scroll.

“Not long.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

The show has not ended, and she needed to go complete it. Otherwise, everyone will miss the climax she had planned for them.

“Alright, you go attend to your business then. Once you are finished, can you come back here and look for me? Actually….. about this….. scroll you handed to me….. there is one portion recorded….. in here, that I do not really understand.” Gu Li Sheng’s face was red with embarrassment. He did not think it was entirely appropriate for a fully grown middle aged man to have to come seeking guidance from a little youth like this. It made him feel rather….. awkward and abashed.

But his obsession with the Spirit Healing Technique forced those words to spill out from his mouth.

Jun Wu Xie stared at Gu Li Sheng. Those penetrating eyes seemed to be saying to him:  “It’s something so simple, and you can’t understand it?”.

Gu Li Sheng turned a brighter shade under that gaze.

“Alright.” As Gu Li Sheng’s face was turning redder and redder, Jun Wu Xie finally replied to agree.

Gu Li Sheng nodded with a smile on his face.

“This is the jade emblem of the Spirit Healer faculty. Keep it well.” Gu Li Sheng presented the jade emblem of the Spirit Healer faculty before Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head instead.

Gu Li Sheng was suddenly confused.

“After today’s events, no one will still be unaware of my identity.” Jun Wu Xie replied softly. The jade emblem’s purpose was meant to show the other disciples which faculty the holders of the emblem belonged to. But now that Gu Li Sheng had rocked and shook up the entire academy when he had severely berated every single one of them in their faces today, Jun Wu Xie sincerely believed, that her face would henceforth become a more obvious and prominent proof of her position in the academy than any other emblems that Gu Li Sheng could give her.

“That’s true.” Gu Li Sheng slipped the jade piece back into his sleeves.

Gu Li Sheng could not help himself and held Jun Xie back to ask a few questions about some parts of the scroll that he was not too clear about. It was quite a while later when he finally let Jun Xie leave.

Jun Wu Xie stepped out from Gu Li Sheng’s office. When she descended the stairs and reached the atrium downstairs, she saw a bunch of Spirit Healer faculty disciples huddled together. They were hiding in a corner, as they peeked warily at her.

“Jun….. Jun Xie…..” One of the youths among them was suddenly pushed out from the group, and he stuttered as he looked guiltily at Jun Xie.

When they thought back to the numerous times they had gossiped and pointed at Jun Xie behind his back, they were deeply ashamed of themselves and they were feeling extremely awkward to face Jun Xie again. But…..

Gu Li Sheng held Jun Xie in the highest regard and if Jun Xie held grudges against them, they wouldn’t be able to survive in the Spirit Healer faculty thereafter.

All the disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty did not doubt for a moment, that if Jun Xie was to ask Gu Li Sheng to expel all of them out of the Spirit Healer faculty, Gu Li Sheng would not hesitate to do it in the slightest.   


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