GDBBM – Chapter 592

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Chapter 592: “Slapping the Mob (10)”

Yin Yan stared at Ning Xin with fear in his eyes, and the terror was beginning to spread throughout his body.

After today’s events, no one would be able to use anything from Jun Xie’s past to smear or slander him any longer.

Gu Li Sheng had personally invited Jun Xie to return to the Spirit Healer faculty in such a grand fashion. Not a single one of them would dare go offend Jun Xie in the slightest now.

Just for the sole fact that he was more knowledgeable than Gu Li Sheng in the Spirit Healing Technique was already enough to make everyone submit. Jun Xie’s status among the disciples of the Zephyr Academy had been elevated to a height that was unshakable. All those who had cursed and spat at his name, with those that had completely despised him as a person, had from today onwards, found their prior self justified reasons and weak excuses for doing so, completely smashed to smithereens. Just for the one glaring fact that Jun Xie had a full grasp of the Spirit Healing Technique had made everyone back off in deference, with not a single one among them daring to show him the slightest affront.

Yin Yan raised his head to stare into the grey and overcast sky looming above him.

A complete change had come over the Zephyr Academy, leaving a great mark on this day, that will be well remembered long into the future.

The fear in Yin Yan filled his heart. He summoned all his courage and dragged Ning Xin, who was acting like she had lost her mind, along with him, to leave the deserted square.

And after the duo left, an unnoticed skinny and ragged lone figure was left standing, far in one corner of the spacious plaza.

Ah Jing’s face was pale, as he stared at the bare and empty square.

He had clearly heard every last word that Gu Li Sheng and Fan Qi had said earlier. Just like everyone else, Ah Jing had come to the square with great anticipation, thinking that Jun Xie would be shamed and thrown out of the Zephyr Academy by Gu Li Sheng today. Never had he expected that he had come here today to hear the truth of the matter, a truth that he could not make himself believe in.

Ah Jing suddenly found his legs buckling out under him and he fell to the ground. His fingers curled and his nails scratched upon the hard ground, leaving bright red blood trails on the floor.


What was most humiliating was when the person you most despised, stepped upon your face pushing in into the ground.

Although throughout the whole process, Jun Wu Xie had not said a single word, she had inadvertently trampled on all the faces of every single disciple and faculty member into the ground and had even stamped hard on a few of them.

Jun Xie was “invited” back to the Spirit Healer faculty by Gu Li Sheng on that very same day, and all the existing disciples could only watch on with their faces paled as the duo walked in, and all the other disciples did not even dare to approach them a single step.

Approach them?

Their faces were still burning with shame.

Their identities as disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty that they had been so proud of, had been exposed to be a farce and that Gu Li Sheng had been unwilling forced to grant them their discipleship due to the pressure from Fan Qi, the Headmaster.

They had never gained Gu Li Sheng’s approval at all in the first place.

But they had been completely ignorant and gone with the flow, and followed everyone else to scorn, ridicule and bash at Jun Xie’s name and reputation.

They were just…..

Utterly contemptible!

Jun Wu Xie followed Gu Li Sheng into his office. Only upon the moment the door shut, was Gu Li Sheng able to relax his tightly tensed up body, and the hard lines on his face suddenly became gentle.

“How was it? Was that an acceptable response to your request?” Gu Li Sheng asked, looking smilingly at Jun Xie. Today’s performance had been specially put together for Jun Xie’s sake and he hoped that would at least make up to Jun Xie in some way for the oppression he had undergone during this period.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Gu Li Sheng had put up a splendid show this time, and Jun Wu Xie was completely satisfied.

“Ha ha. That’s great. This was the first time I created such a big stir.” Gu Li Sheng was finally able to swallow his heart back down that had been lodged in his throat all this time. He had firstly decided to make such a grand show of it today to express his sincerity to Jun Xie, and also to fight for the sheer injustice that Jun Xie had suffered.

Just by hearing those vicious rumours, would already cause much distress to many people. The fact that Jun Xie had been able to endure and bear up so well under all that pressure, had gained  Jun Xie the utmost respect from Gu Li Sheng.

If it had been anyone else, they would most definitely have jumped out to defend themselves at the first instance. Jun Xie had instead been able to take it in stride, and only exposed the truth of the matter after the task assigned to her was completed. That endless patience and stoic perseverance, made Gu Li Sheng admire the little lad all the more.


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