GDBBM – Chapter 591

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Chapter 591: “Slapping the Mob (9)”

It suddenly dawned on Ning Xin that right from the beginning, she had already been wrong!

She had underestimated Jun Xie’s abilities and she had also been wrong about the faculty Jun Xie was actually in. All her ploys had been made based on wrong information right from the start and now that everything was revealed, all the schemes she plotted would not do her a single ounce of good…..

“Senior Ning…..” Yin Yan looked dreadfully fearful as he stared at Ning Xin. Before Jun Xie’s real identity was exposed, Gu Li Sheng’s choice of words had made him raise his suspicions, but he had not been able to pinpoint what was wrong then.

It was not until everything was revealed that he realised, just like everyone else, he had been hoodwinked by Li Zi Mu’s single side of the story.

“This cannot be….. How can it be…..” A panic suddenly overtook Ning Xin and Yin Yan hurried over to hold her up.

“Senior Ning, what do we do now?” Yin Yan was truly terrified. He had already grown rather fearful of Jun Xie previously. Now, before everyone in the entire Zephyr Academy, Gu Li Sheng had severely criticised all the disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty to be incompetent. When he had admonished everyone for believing in the rumours so easily, all the disciples in the Spirit Healer faculty had naturally be included.

After all, the disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty had been just as guilty in their cursing and swearing of Jun Xie!

If Jun Xie had just been an ordinary disciple, things might not have gotten this bad, but Jun Xie had been the lone disciple that Gu Li Sheng personally acknowledged and valued heavily. With that in mind, Gu Li Sheng would not continue to instruct those disciples he had forced himself to accept previously as their Master any longer…..

That thought alone, made Yin Yan tremble at the consequences.

All that he had relied on all this time in the academy, had been his envied position in the Spirit Healer faculty…..

If he was to lose that, he would end up…..

“Fan Jin knew…..” Ning Xin suddenly caught Yin Yan’s arm in a vice grip, pulling herself upright.

“Fan Jin had known it right from the start! He must have known! Or why would he have persisted to defend Jun Xie so many times!? Or why would he be willing to even risk his own reputation to ensure Jun Xie’s safety!? Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Because he had known it all this while! That Jun Xie was the disciple that Gu Li Sheng valued! Ha ha ha! Fan Jin, oh Fan Jin! I, Ning Xin has truly underestimated you!” A mouthful of blood suddenly gushed out from Ning Xin’s mouth. Everything had been smooth sailing for her in the academy all her life but ever since she met Jun Xie, she found herself faced with countless obstacle. All the schemes that she had taken great pains to plot were completely shredded and torn apart before they could take effect. She had prided herself to be highly intelligent, but now she had been reduced to become the biggest joke!

A moment’s slip up, had caused her to lose all that she had!

There was no longer a chance that Jun Xie would become the underdog anymore. With Gu Li Sheng behind him, it was no longer possible that Jun Xie would submit to her when he became the underdog that everyone despised.

Her ploy to win Jun Xie over to her side had now evaporated entirely.

While Fan Jin had supported Jun Xie right from from the beginning and they had established an unbreakable bond in their alliance!

The knot that had formed in Ning Xin’s chest, almost suffocated her then.

She stood there laughing hysterically, like she had lost her mind.

Having witnessed Jun Xie’s ring spirit herself, Ning Xin would never be able to accept Fan Qi’s earlier explanation to be the truth.

Tiny cat?

For Heaven’s sake, that was a massive ferocious black beast!

But that fact was known only to her and Yin Yan. Jun Xie had always only presented his ring spirit in the black cat’s form before everyone else, and even if the two of them had gone to tell everyone that Jun Xie’s ring spirit was in actuality not an ordinary black cat, they would never be believed.

She had lost this time, she had lost really badly!

Ning Xin’s hysterical laughter continued, as was the blood that flowed out from her mouth. The intense rage that wrecked at her heart and the utter sense of defeat that overwhelmed her caused Ning Xin to lose all calm and any conscious sense of decorum, her usual grace and genteel manners forgotten.

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