GDBBM – Chapter 584

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Chapter 584: “Mobbed with Slaps (2)”

When the other disciples heard the new developments, some of the youths who had been pretending to be uninterested before started to join the group.

Just recently, two major incidents had occurred in the Zephyr Academy. The first was when Lu Wei Jie had been expelled from the academy together with a large bunch of other disciples and his unrestrained criticism directed at Ning Xin before he left. The other incident was when the largely well believed rumours that were still going around that Jun Xie had killed Li Zi Mu.

With these two incidents happening one after the other with such quick succession, it had greatly stirred up the disciples in the academy. As all the wild accusations and vicious rumours were all saying that the culprits had committed the merciless murder of a fellow disciple in both instances, they had attracted the attention of everyone.

“Gu Li Sheng’s prominence in the academy makes him practically untouchable and not even the Headmaster can stop him from doing what he wants to do. And when Gu Li Sheng’s beloved disciple gets mysteriously killed, do you think he would spare the culprits that easily? Jun Xie’s visit to the Spirit Healer faculty yesterday was to plead for leniency from Gu Li Sheng but when he left, it was said that her face was pale and ashen. Without a doubt, Jun Xie must have been rejected. Think about it. Jun Xie had gone to the Spirit Healer faculty yesterday, and today we have all been gathered here suddenly. What else could this be about? My guess is that that dumb fool must have angered Gu Li Sheng so much that Gu Li Sheng wants to settle the scores today and avenge the death of his beloved disciple!”

“After hearing all that you said, it sounds really plausible. I had heard that Gu Li Sheng was the one who had asked for everyone to gather here today. And based on everything you have told us, it seems everything really fits together.” Another disciple added.

The group of youths suddenly broke out into a chorus of evil chuckles.

No one would want to study in the same academy with someone who might stab so in the back anytime without warning.

“Hey! Look over there! Who is that over there?” A sharp eyed youth suddenly hollered, having spotted two figures approaching the square from a distance.

One of them was someone everybody knew and recognised. It was Fan Jin. While the other figure who was standing beside Fan Jin was a small petite sized youth, with delicate features on his face.

“What! ? He still dares to show his face! ? Is he really not afraid of death?”

“Do you even think he would be able to hide from all of that? If Gu Li Sheng wants to revenge for Li Zi Mu, Jun Xie would not be able to escape even if he leaves the Zephyr Academy!”

The square was filled with those who sneered and were anxious to add fuel to the fire, and it also had no lack of people who just wanted to lie low and enjoy the show.

As Jun Wu Xie neared the square with her every single step, all the eyes in the square were turned, fixed onto her.

Ning Xin and Yin Yan stood within the crowd of disciples, their faces twisted in gleeful and evil smiles.

“Looks like we do not need to do anything else to get rid of him since he has already sealed his own doom when he went to seek out Gu Li Sheng. There is no way Gu Li Sheng would spare that brat easily.” Ning Xin whispered, her eyes filled with venom, but her mouth was still turned up, maintaining a gentle smile.

“Today’s notice to gather all of us here was really issued by my Master?” Yin Yan asked.

Ning Xin nodded.

“Who else could it be but him?”

“Does that mean my Master will be making his move against Jun Xie today?”  

“Naturally. Who does Jun Xie think he is? He thinks he can convince Gu Li Sheng to let him off for Li Zi Mu’s death just by making a trip to the Spirit Healer faculty to plead? How naive.” Ning Xin sang out happily.

Yin Yan brought his voice down to a low whisper and said: “Senior Ning, if Gu Li Sheng is to move against Jun Xie today….. Does not that differ from what we have planned?”

Ning Xin had intended for Jun Xie to finally admit defeat and come crawling to her where she would have a great opportunity to recruit and take Jun Xie under her wings. But if Jun Xie were to be killed here today….. She would find all her plans suddenly crumbling to dust.

Ning Xin was unconcerned as she snorted derisively and crossed her arms under her ample bosom to say: “Gu Li Sheng might be very protective of his disciples, but he is not one that likes to have blood on his hands. That fact that he had expended so much effort to get everyone gathered must be for the purpose of his revenge for Li Zi Mu, but that does not mean Jun Xie will be killed. If he really wanted Jun Xie dead, he could easily have done it using more covert methods. The most he would do to Jun Xie would be to give him a strong and stern reprimand, before throwing him out of the Zephyr Academy. But…..”

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