GDBBM – Chapter 583

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Chapter 583: “Mobbed with Slaps (1)”

“My elder brother….. where is he at the moment?” Jun Wu Xie asked in a voice so soft as to be almost inaudible.

“Your humble subordinate does not know.” Ye Sha replied, his voice low and solemn.

Jun Wu Xie bit on her lip and said: “You’re dismissed.”

Ye Sha stood up, and when he reached the doors, his steps stopped.

“Although your subordinate does not know where Master Wu Yao is, but if your subordinate is correct, he might not be in the Lower Realm at the moment. Things that can heal one’s soul, can only be found in the Middle Realm.”

Jun Wu Xie raised her head suddenly.

“My brother is from the Middle Realm?”

She had always felt that Jun Wu Yao was exceptionally mysterious. His powers were so strong as to be able to defy the Heavens. Jun Wu Yao’s might could easily dominate over anyone Jun Wu Xie had ever seen. Ye Sha had shown that his powers were about on par with those people from the Twelve Palaces in the Cloudy Peaks, and as Ye Sha’s Lord, Jun Wu Yao’s powers, would naturally not be inferior to Ye Sha’s.

Although Jun Wu Xie had had her own guesses about it all this while, it was only at this moment that she confirmed her suspicions.

Ye Sha did not say a word, and just silently left the room.

Jun Wu Xie lay down on her bed, and Lord Meh Meh trotted over and jumped up. It used its rotund body to squeeze the little black cat away from Jun Wu Xie’s side, and snuggled up closer to find itself a comfortable position, sticking itself close to Jun Wu Xie as it laid itself down.

“Not in the Lower Realm?” Jun Wu Xie asked herself as she laid the back of her hand on her cool forehead. Even she did not know what was wrong with herself today.

Why did she suddenly think of Jun Wu Yao?

The emotions that filled her heart were strange and unfamiliar to her and it made her feel rather helpless and lost. There was a slight twinge that tugged at her heart and she could not explain or pinpoint the problem properly.

As she laid upon the soft bedding, Jun Wu Xie’s eyes slowly closed as she slowly drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

It was bright and early the next morning when all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy were gathered. They were supposed to have gone for training but they were suddenly notified to immediately gather at the Zephyr Academy’s assembly square.

The square was packed with youths, as the disciples followed their respective teachers’ lead, to stand in neat rows as they filed in.

The Zephyr Academy seldom gathered all the disciples so formally and the square was filled with chatter and debate. Everyone was trying to guess the reason behind the sudden decision for all the disciples and teachers congregate so suddenly.

“This must have something to do with Jun Xie.” One of the youths among the crowd whispered loudly, attracting the attention of many other disciples.

“How can that be? You think she is capable of causing every single one of us to be mobilised like this in such a grand fashion?”

“That just shows how ignorant you are. One of my dorm mates is a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty. He told me Jun Xie had suddenly appeared at the Spirit Healer faculty yesterday. Didn’t you hear about that?” Another youth exclaimed proudly.

All the disciples around them suddenly held strange expressions on their faces, their eyes flashing brightly at the piece of juicy gossip they just heard.

“Really? What happened then? Tell us quick!”

Suddenly finding all eyes were focused on him, the youth was feeling extremely flattered and he loved the feeling as he basked proudly under all the undiverted attention showered upon him. He then asked all of the others with his chest puffed up: “Just a few days ago, did you all hear the rumours about Jun Xie having murdered Li Zi Mu? Do you still remember that?”

All the youths around him nodded vehemently. It had caused such a big stir, how could any of them forget that?

“Li Zi Mu was a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty and he was even personally selected by Gu Li Sheng when he had broken the norm and accepted only one lone disciple this year. Li Zi Mu had been extremely favored in the Spirit Healer faculty as Gu Li Sheng had showered him with utmost care and concern and had even personally instructed him in the art. But this very well favored disciple had very suddenly and mysteriously died in the Battle Spirit Forest. Do you think Gu Li Sheng would be pleased at all? Hence, he had ordered a thorough investigation into the incident a few days ago and it was found out that Jun Xie was linked to Li Zi Mu’s death.” The youth exclaimed loudly, his spit spraying over his audience listening in rapt attention.

When the other disciples heard the new developments, some of the youths who had been pretending to be uninterested before started to join the group.

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