GDBBM – Chapter 569

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Chapter 569: “A Killer Youth (1)”

The next moment, the crowd exploded and the auction reached a new climax!

Two hundred thousand was the starting bid and the price climbed up at a crazy speed!

The speed that the price was raised rocketed at a pace never seen before!

It was only when the price for the first Hibernation Elixir broke the five hundred thousand taels mark, that the pace began to slow.

Five hundred thousand taels for a single elixir had already reached the price reserved for the most premium of elixirs, and previously, only the Qing Yun Clan’s elixirs had ever commanded that price range.

If it increased anymore, the price would be beyond the reach of many of the people here.

The auctioneer saw that the bids had stopped coming in and knew it had reached its peak. He shouted out the last bid three times in succession and was about to slam his hammer down to seal the deal when a clear voice suddenly rang out!

“One million taels!”

That voice, had come from one of the private rooms on the second level. At the same moment that that voice had sounded, everyone’s head had raised up and looked at the source where the voice had come from!

Within that private room, four attractive and good looking men were seated, and they were well dressed in expensive clothes. The one that spoke was the youngest one among them and looked to be only about fifteen or sixteen years of age. He was a handsome looking youth with stunning features. However, his regal demeanor made people feel afraid to ever desecrate the ground he stood.

The attractive looking youth swept his disdainful gaze over the crowd on the first level. The utter contempt in his gaze for the mass of people below made everyone shiver as a urge to seek escape grew in their hearts.

The auctioneer on the stage stood speechless, completely shocked.

In his close to a decade of being an auctioneer with the Chan Lin Auction House, he had never sold an item for such an incredulous price!

One single elixir, for an astounding one million taels!?

The hand holding the auctioneer’s hammer trembled visibly.

“Will there be any other bids?” The attractive looking youth asked as he cast his indifferent gaze at the massive crowd of people, his mouth turned up in a lazy and smug smirk.

The whole auction house fell deathly silent. After a while, the auctioneer suddenly hurried to call out three times for bids when he saw the impatient gaze of the attractive looking youth staring at him. When he was certain that no other bids were forthcoming, he raised his hammer and sealed the price for the first Hibernation Elixir.

After the hammer landed, the atmosphere in the auction house suddenly became a little queer.

Those within the crowd who saw the first Hibernation Elixir slip out of their grasp silently gritted their teeth and cast their eyes upwards, staring into the private room on the second level, feeling rather disgruntled about the whole situation.

[Was that little lad that dumb? That he would blow such a huge sum of money on a single elixir?]

[It must be true that the foolish were blessed with money. No matter, there are four more of those elixirs coming right up and they need not rush.]

However, all those people soon found their highly anticipated heart’s desire was beyond their reach.

The auctioneer had just announced the starting bid for the second elixir when the youth in the same private room quickly made an unbelievable bid for one million taels once more!

For all four of the subsequent elixirs, he made a astounding bid of one million taels for each of them, forcing the people in the crowd to visibly gasp to catch their breaths.

All five Hibernation Elixirs had fallen into the hands of that single young youth!

Qiao Chu secretly admired the youth who had been so generously carefree with such an astounding amount of money and said to his companions, “I had thought that I had seen the most ludicrous and insane when Little Xie spent money before, and I never would have thought that I would meet someone more insane than her! Five million taels! Does money just flow down the river into his house!?”

Jun Wu Xie glared at Qiao Chu and said simply: “I am not in the least bit insane.”

That chill from that glare reached Qiao Chu and he immediately sobered up. He hurriedly poured out a cup of water and solicitously offered it to Jun Wu Xie to say: “I wasn’t really talking about you there, I was referring to that guy over there.”

Jun Wu Xie accepted the proffered water and took a sip out of it.

Qiao Chu finally gave a big sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, on the floor in the auction house, the atmosphere was becoming rather weird.

The people from the various powers present had set their sights on acquiring one of the Hibernation Elixirs from the five available and they had not expected someone to dump such astronomical sums of money so carelessly to deprive them completely.

At that moment, their anger could distinctly be felt!

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