GDBBM – Chapter 570

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Chapter 570: “A Killer Youth (2)”

A few groups of people marched up to the second level aggressively and kicked open the doors leading into the private room the attractive looking youth was in. They said in an angry tone: “You brat! You’re being too arrogant here! Five Hibernation Elixirs, can you finish them all!?”

The youth glanced casually at the group of people who had just rushed in and his lips curled up into a sneering smile. The other three men who were with the youth sat back quietly, sipping at their tea, not even bothering to look at the group of people who had just barged in.

“I can afford it, and was happy to bid for them, what can you do to me? If you really wanted them so much, you could have used your money and outbid me. You have my word, as long as any of you bid anything above one million taels, even if it is only by one tael, I will not raise my bid.” The youth said, with his arms crossed, as he challenged the group of intruders.

“You think you’re all that great just because you have money?” The men were driven speechless and were feeling their rage rise within their chests. Their fists were tightly clenched as they fumed. One million taels. How would they have so much money? Most of the people from the various powers present had only a few hundred thousand taels each with them, where were they going to get the money to outbid the youth?

“Not too shabby, at least compared to people who can’t afford to pay and then resorts to anger and intimidation, I’m a little better.” The youth said all these with a smirk, his tone highly arrogant.

In a moment, the eyes of the burly men in the group suddenly turned red at the youth’s scorn and disdain!

All these happenings were plainly visible from another private room where Jun Wu Xie and her companions were in.

Seeing that the young youth had stirred up the wrath of the group of men, Qiao Chu asked a little eagerly: “Little Xie, people are trying to bully your best customer. Should I go help him out?” He rubbed at his fists as he asked, eager for a little bit of action.

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes, and she turned her cold gaze to look at the four people in the other private room before she said: “That is the Chan Lin Auction House’s customer.”

They had nothing to do with her.

“I would advise you to stay out of other people’s business.” Fei Yan chided softly, placing a hand on Qiao Chu’s shoulder as he pointed with his chin at the other private room.

Qiao Chu turned to look and saw a figure sail out over the railing from that private room, falling heavily onto the auctioneer’s stage, his head broken open upon the steps from the impact and blood flowed down the steps like a river!

Qiao Chu’s eyes widened in surprise and he raised his head to look into the other private room again. He had not seen when the youth had made his move, every single one of the men in the group who had barged into the room were thrown out over the railing one after another!

The private rooms were only on the second level and rightfully, people would not die from falling from that height. But all of it seemed to have been done on purpose by the youth when all the men’s’ limbs were first broken before being thrown over the railing and it seemed frighteningly too coincidental that all them men had fallen with the backs of their heads hitting the edges on the steps first which killed them all instantly!

In a blink of an eye, lives were being taken so carelessly and mercilessly!

In that series of happenings, the smile had not left the youth’s face once and the smile had grown as he carried out the senseless massacre, becoming more and more intense, without showing a single morsel of remorse or sympathy. All of it was like nothing more than a game to the youth.

What he killed, were mere insects.

Qiao Chu suddenly sobered up. That youth’s methods were really extraordinarily malicious!

In a quick flash, all the men who had barged into the private room had all been thrown downstairs, killed in an instant.

The bloody and gory scene immediately drove the crowd on the ground level into sudden horror and everyone screamed and tried to escape under the blood filled stench in the air. For those who had been sitting at the front row, they had found themselves suddenly covered in a gory mess from the bloody splatter when the men’s heads had exploded. They were feeling very weak in their legs and they could not stop screaming as they crawled and scrambled out of the auction hall.

The atmosphere in the auction house which had just moments before been at the height of fervour was suddenly rudely interrupted by such senseless murder. The crowd were endlessly trying to escape and the auction house was soon empty. In a very short period of time, the fiery fervour was suddenly replaced by cold emptiness and the resoun

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