GDBBM – Chapter 557

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Chapter 557: “Heaven’s End Cliff (4)”

The few companions finalised their plans and made preparations to set aside time for a trip to the Heaven’s End Cliff after the forging of their spirit rings.

But before that, they had to heal up Mu Qian Fan’s body.

And that important task fell once again upon the shoulders of Jun Wu Xie.

In order to extract the Black Silver such a large piece of Black Jade Rock, it required a quite a long period of time. After Fan Zhuo and Rong Ruo negotiated on the price, they left the Black Jade Rock at the smithy and left.

No one would recognise what that was anyway and they were not worried that anyone would want to steal it.

After they returned to the inn, they all busied about with their own tasks and no one mentioned a word about the Heaven’s End Cliff.

Just as it was getting dark, Jun Wu Xie went out and searched everywhere for things she needed to concoct her medicines and elixirs. But as no one cultivated elixirs in the Zephyr Academy, so such items were not too popular in Chan Lin Town, and not many people carried those goods.

After much searching, Jun Wu Xie finally managed to find a small and simple stove for cultivating elixirs in a tiny shop. The stove was only palm sized and made out of pure copper. It was poorly made but would serve its purpose temporarily.

After making another trip to the medicinal shop where she purchased some herbs, Jun Wu Xie went back to the inn and started on her study of the poison in Mu Qian Fan’s flesh.

She worked through the night, without rest. When Hua Yao knocked requesting to enter her room in the morning, he found her standing with a few medicinal bottles in her hands when she came to answer the door. She gave him one quick glance and went on with her tasks.

“Qiao Chu wanted me to come ask you when would we be going over to the auction house again.” Hua Yao was highly interested in what Jun Wu Xie was busying herself with as he had never seen Jun Wu Xie concocting her medicine. He had always been deeply curious about this young tiny sized youth, who possessed such exemplary medical skills and was even able to cultivate amazing elixirs.

“Today.” Jun Wu Xie replied simply.

Upon saying that, she put down all the things in her hands, and retrieved some elixirs and spirit stones out from her cosmos sack before dumping them on the table. She pointed at the elixirs and gave a simple explanation of their effects to Hua Yao, before she wrapped them all up in a bundle and shoved it into Hua Yao’s arms.

“Sell all of them.” Jun Wu Xie said curtly.

Just selling off the spirit stones might not really be enough to cover her expenses. After Jun Wu Xie returned to the Zephyr Academy, she intended to acquire a complete set of tools for the cultivation of elixirs and since the Chan Lin Town did not have a store specialised in that, she would have to have them custom made and that would cost her another tidy sum.

With the additional cost that the herbs required would bring, the expenditure would come up to be rather significant.

Hua Yao’s face was looking rather confused as he stared at the bunch of elixirs that Jun Wu Xie had shoved into his arms. After hearing her introduction of them, he stood rooted to the ground and did not move a single step.

“You….. really want to sell all these?” All these elixirs, if he were to judge, were rather good. Although they could not compare to those Heaven defying ones that Jun Wu Xie had sold before the gates of the Zephyr Academy before, these elixirs nevertheless still had very rare and exemplary effects.

So many elixirs and she was willing to sell them all off without even blinking?

“Mmm. I only have this much now.” Jun Wu Xie nodded. Her stock of elixirs were running a bit low and she would not sell the good ones to others anyway. She would much rather leave them for people that she treasured and that would make more sense to her.

In the Zephyr Academy, the expenses were exorbitant and she intended to use the time she was in the academy to casually cultivate some elixirs and sell them off at the Chan Lin Auction House. She intended to run an initial trial run first this time.

If the results were good, she would then carry her plans further.

As she did not have a good grasp on the concept of money in this world, Jun Wu Xie was really easy with it.

Jun Wu Xie was being easy with it, but it was impossible for Hua Yao. If he did not know that all these elixirs clutched within his arms could be reproduced by Jun Wu Xie, he really wouldn’t have wanted to part with a single elixir there.

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