GDBBM – Chapter 556

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Chapter 556: “Heaven’s End Cliff (3)”

“We can do that….. But we don’t know where the Heaven’s End Cliff is…..” Qiao Chu said, scratching his head.

Hua Yao suddenly laughed, and he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes showing sudden understanding.

“The reason you wanted to save Mu Qian Fan was for this reason?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Qiao Chu was a little befuddled and luckily Hua Yao was willing to explain it to him. “The fact that Little Xie was willing to save Mu Qian Fan’s life was because only Mu Qian Fan knew where the Heaven’s End Cliff was. More than that, he had even gone down to the bottom of the cliff and he knows more about the Heaven’s End Cliff than anyone else. If we can bring him along with us, then going to the Heaven’s End Cliff will not be a difficult task. Just as Little Xie said, we need not rush ourselves to go locate the Dark Emperor’s tomb, but to go down for a look, to ascertain if that is a possible target would be good enough.”

Qiao Chu was suddenly enlightened and he turned to Jun Wu Xie with a look of utmost admiration.

“Little Xie, aren’t you being a bit too smart, you actually thought that far ahead?” He had thought that Jun Wu Xie saw the pitiable state that Mu Qian Fan was in and that had brought out the benevolence in her, and did not expect the little lass to have planned so far ahead.

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow, but did not reply.

“Actually,….. There is one more thing I would like to speak to you guys about.” Hua Yao expression suddenly became hesitant.

The smile on Qiao Chu’s face faded as well. “What Brother Hua wants to talk about is about Little Zhuo isn’t it?”  

Hua Yao nodded.

“Why would Fan Zhuo know about the Black Jade Rock and Black Silver? This really puzzles me. I do not mean to be suspicious of him but the fact that he knows about those things seems rather queer.” Hua Yao and the others had lived in the Lower Realm for quite a period of time and they are aware of what things the people of the Lower Realm know and what they do not know.

Fan Zhuo’s knowledge had definitely crossed the boundaries of what a person from the Lower Realm would know.

Although they had not known each other for long, but Hua Yao and the others had felt that Fan Zhuo was a rather nice and this was the only thing that they did not understand.

“Hmm….. he is the son of the Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy, could it be possible that the person in the Zephyr Academy that the Twelve Palaces are in contact with is the Headmaster himself? Hence, Fan Zhuo had heard a few things about the Middle Realm from those people?” Qiao Chu was really reluctant to think of Fan Zhuo in a bad light as he had found Fan Zhuo to be rather pleasing to his eye. Fan Zhuo was even running all around to help them forge their spirit rings and suspecting him was something he did not want to do.

“That might be possible.” Hua Yao nodded his head. If that was the case, it would justify how Fan Zhuo came to know of Black Jade Rock and Black Silver and it would answer all their doubts.

Previously, the person in the Qing Yun Clan that the Palace of Fire Demons was in contact with was Ke Cang Ju and didn’t Ke Cang Ju gain possession of the Lone Smoke?

“If it really is with Fan Zhuo’s father, we will have to remember to be a bit more polite when we go ask for it in the future.” When Qiao Chu was speaking those words, his eyes had inadvertently turned to look at Jun Wu Xie.

He could still remember vividly what kind of atrocities Jun Wu Xie had been capable of in the Qing Yun Clan.

But Jun Wu Xie seems completely unaffected, her face a sea of calm.

“But, before we are sure of the facts, we should not speak a single word of it to Little Zhuo.” Qiao Chu said consciously. Fan Zhuo had been a great companion so far and if Fan Zhuo realised that the real reason they all were here at the Zephyr Academy was to steal his father’s map, he would definitely be heartbroken.

Hua Yao nodded in agreement and even Fei Yan approved of it.

Obviously, they saw Fan Zhuo as a sickly and weak, naive and innocent little youth.


Jun Wu Xie secretly bit on her lips.

How naive…..

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