GDBBM – Chapter 526

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Chapter 526: “Sudden Affability (1)”

Lu Wei Jie had told Long Qi every single detail of the truth of the matter and if Ning Rui intended to use the fact that they had expelled more than twenty disciples to brush the whole matter aside, they would have to see if Long Qi believed them at all!

“I will state today that I, and the brothers with me here today, hereby cut all ties with the Zephyr Academy! With an academy that practises such fraud and cronyism, I, Lu Wei Jie, refuses to dance according to their whims! Today, I declare that it is not the case that the Zephyr Academy has thrown me and my brothers in arms here out, but that we choose not to remain in this place of filth and contamination!” Lu Wei Jie said resolutely and after he finished, he turned to leave without looking back once, refusing to look at the place for another moment.

All the other youths who had been expelled from the Zephyr Academy followed suit and left behind them countless questions and conjectures to rise within the disciples of the Zephyr Academy.

At that moment, the simmering pot that was the Zephyr Academy suddenly exploded as everyone started throwing their own versions and opinions on the matter into the overflowing pot.

While the tiny figure at the back, slipped away unnoticed, carrying her little black cat in her arms.

It seemed that Lu Wei Jie wasn’t that dense after all. Instead of allowing the Zephyr Academy to fully pin the unequivocal blame of the matter onto him, he had chosen to reveal everything and left in an indignant rage of righteousness, cleansing off the accusations pinned on his back.

In that way, he might still have a sliver of a chance for his future with that gamble.

At least he understood what he stood to lose.

Jun Wu Xie faded away among the crowd as she left. She knew after today’s events, not matter what Heaven defying abilities Ning Xin possessed, she would not be able to erase all the doubts and malicious guesses from the hearts of the disciples in the Zephyr Academy as it was a fact that she still remained there, while Lu Wei Jie and the other youths had been forced to leave.

The show was just beginning. Would Ning Xin be able to withstand what was about to come?

Very soon, the speech that Lu Wei Jie had given just before he left reached the ears of Ning Xin. She almost exploded with rage but she realised that Lu Wei Jie’s actions was his last gamble, and a form of revenge against Ning Xin herself.

The rumours currently pervading the hallowed halls of the Zephyr Academy was that Ning Xin attempted to rob by murder and when it failed, she persecuted fellow disciples to escape.

Suddenly, Ning Xin’s reputation fell from the clouds and was quickly trampled in mud!

Ning Xin did not even dare to leave her room then. She had already been deeply worried that Long Qi would not let the matter rest so easily and now Lu Wei Jie had stabbed her so badly causing the voices in the academy to rise in dissent. Many of the youths who had previously adored and worshipped her have now been turned by those swirling rumours and despised her to be a beautiful and vicious witch.

Ning Rui had wanted to help salvage Ning Xin’s tattered reputation and got several disciples to spread rumours saying that Lu Wei Jie had failed in winning the heart of Ning Xin in his pursuit and had harboured hatred after being spurned. And when he was expelled for committing those heinous crimes, he had acted on that hatred and tried to smear Ning Xin as he left.

Those false rumours might have dampened the heat a little and led some easily manipulated disciples to believe them. But the majority of the disciples were still doubtful and suspicious, and even when they did not debate the issue openly, the discussions that went on in private, however did not abate in the slightest.

Ning Xin was not able to maintain her image as the perfect Senior among the disciples anymore this time.

The glories of her past faded into oblivion, and if she dared to appear before the disciples of the Zephyr Academy, she would no longer be greeted by the looks of adulation and worship, but faced with eyes filled with mistrust and suspicion.

Although she had not been confronted with accusing fingers, but being forced to face such treatment, was hell for someone who was so used to having her every whim catered for. She sought endlessly for a way to get herself out of the predicament but she could not think up any suitable plans. She could only forced herself to put on a facade of calm and bury all the accusatory voices deep in her heart. But in private, she had smashed countless scores of ceramics and porcelains and shredded embroideries and tapestries in vent.

Lu Wei Jie, you’ve got guts!

Ning Xin clenched her jaws. She was unable to stop all the rumours and she still had to carry out the next step in their plans.

Early that morning, Ning Xin had painstakingly dressed herself up and hurried over to come to the quiet and tranquil little bamboo grove. After meticulously checking over her looks outside the doors, she finally knocked upon the main doors leading into the little bamboo grove.


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