GDBBM – Chapter 521

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Chapter 521: “The Spirit Hunt Ends (3)”

The team that Li Zi Mu had initially been with were greatly helped by Jun Xie in the Battle Spirits Forest and after returning back to the campgrounds, they began to consciously and unconsciously defend Jun Xie’s reputation.

They were betrayed by Li Zi Mu and had almost lost their lives in the dense forest. Jun Xie’s kind gesture had saved them and they were extremely grateful to him. But they had also fallen victim to Li Zi Mu’s exaggerated lies and had previously been party to criticizing Jun Xie as well and had condemned him. Hence, although they were feeling grateful in their hearts, they were too ashamed to face Jun Xie, as the guilt gnawed at their hearts.

The news that Jun Xie had brought back a low grade Spirit Beast back soon spread throughout the campgrounds. But this piece of news had not even stirred up much attention when another piece of news shocked the entire camp.

The team reputed to be the strongest with Lu Wei Jie and the others had surprisingly announced their withdrawal before the Spirit Hunt had ended, and no a single member of the team remained. They had all been escorted back to the Zephyr Academy by Nangong Xu personally.

That alarming piece of news shocked all the disciples present and endless speculations and debates ensued.

It must be known that the first ranked in the previous Spirit Tournament had suddenly disappeared that year and had not been seen in the Zephyr Academy for quite some time and Lu Wei Jie was the current most powerful disciple in the Zephyr Academy!

After the top ranked disciple was no longer around, everyone had subconsciously presumed Lu Wei Jie to be the strongest one among them and his team this time had not only included him, but also the third ranked Ning Xin from the previous Spirit Tournament in addition to the ninth and tenth ranked as well. The team had also managed to rope in Yin Yan from the Spirit Healer faculty and the rest of the team members were all above average.

Despite all that, that most glamorous and star studded team announced their withdrawal from the Spirit Hunt midway through and led back to the Zephyr Academy by Nangong Xu himself. All the other disciples found the situation rather puzzling.

Many of them were guessing if they might have encountered a most powerful Spirit Beast, a extraordinary high grade one….. Or even a Guardian grade, that had severely injured them all and they had to be sent back to the Zephyr Academy. If not, any other reason that would make them them suddenly withdraw would make things rather suspicious.

All kind of guesses and theories mushroomed and sprouted, while Jun Wu Xie and Lord Meh Meh found themselves suddenly overlooked.

The first position for this time’s Spirit Hunt had suddenly been opened up to any of the teams there and the disciples were all brimming with renewed hope.

The Spirit Hunt had finally come to a close and the mentally and physically exhausted disciples were given one day to rest and recover before they set forth towards the Zephyr Academy. But none of them were aware of the fact that the death toll among the disciples for this Spirit Hunt had surpassed the numbers for any of the previous Spirit Hunts.

Neither did all the disciples know, in the very near future, a vicious storm was about to hit the Zephyr Academy, throwing everyone into chaotic turmoil.

For the journey back, Jun Wu Xie brought the little black cat and Lord Meh Meh to share the same carriage with Fan Jin. Throughout the whole journey, Fan Jin felt as though he was sitting on pins as Lord Meh Meh, who was carried in Jun Wu Xie’s arms, stared at Fan Jin with a look filled with enmity endlessly.

Fan Jin wanted to cry, he did not know when and how he had offended this horrifyingly powerful Guardian grade Spirit Beast disguised as a tame harmless sheep, and could only smile bitterly at the sheep, in an attempt to diffuse the enmity Lord Meh Meh had towards him.

It was in futility…..

Lord Meh Meh still stared him with those hate filled eyes!

[This guy deserved to be smacked!] [He made my “feedstress” come into this rumbling and tumbling small box! Depriving the ve”meh”rable Lord Meh Meh of tasty green grass to chomp on!] [Evildoer!] [Lord Meh Meh should just eat you instead!]

If Fan Jin only knew what Lord Meh Meh was really thinking, he would have scrambled and fought to get out of the carriage at that very moment.

Poor innocent Fan Jin…..

He wasn’t the one responsible for making Jun Wu Xie get into the box! Do not eat!

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