GDBBM – Chapter 520

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Chapter 520: “The Spirit Hunt Ends (2)”

Within the noisy and bustling campgrounds, a single figure attracted many eyes to turn.

The youths who had been huddled together chatting away suddenly turned and fixated their gaze on the figure that had attracted all their eyes.

Jun Wu Xie walked slowly into the campgrounds, the black cat rested lazily on her shoulders. But what had made all those pairs of eyes to stare at them was actually the tiny Lord Meh Meh trotting closely behind Jun Wu Xie.

The weak looking tiny lamb trotted, shadowing Jun Wu Xie like a little tail on Jun Wu Xie’s back. Its tiny form and fluffy looks attracted quite a few fond gazes from the girls but most of the male disciples snorted derisively as their eyes fell onto that scene.

The Battle Spirits Forest was filled with all kinds of Spirit Beasts. They ranged from the strongest Guardian grade Spirit Beasts to the weakest and lowliest low grade Spirit Beasts.

Some of the low grade Spirit Beasts were not even equipped to perform any attacks and were the prime targets of many of the disciples. They usually possessed qualities just like Lord Meh Meh, small and tiny in size, looking incredibly innocent and harmless, and people could tell with one look that they were low grade Spirit Beasts. Jun Wu Xie’s face was already infamous and was almost a “celebrity” in the Zephyr Academy, and all the other disciples recognised her identity with a single glance.

Having gone into the Battle Spirits Forest and actually bringing a low grade Spirit Beast out with him made the other disciples look at him as some kind of a joke.

“With his powers, I doubt he would be able to even kill that low grade Spirit Beast following behind him. If not, why would he want to have such a weak Spirit Beast dogging his every step?” A youth who had always detested Jun Xie could not help himself but grumble to his companion in a malicious tone.

“He might not be very strong, but no one can match up to him when it comes to shamelessness. Having latched onto Fan Jin, he would definitely make it through the Spirit Hunt safe and sound even if he could not achieve any outstanding results. You must have realised that disciples from the branch division had always suffered heavy casualties and if not for Fan Jin’s protection, that little brat might very well not even make it back here alive.”

“I saw it very clearly earlier. Senior Fan did not achieve good results this time round. He must have been dragged down by those leeches. If not for them, Senior Fan would never have produced such dismal results with his spirit stones.”

Several youths gathered together to further criticize and condemn Jun Wu Xie and a youth who happened past them suddenly stopped and stared at them with a frown on his face. “Jun Xie is nothing like the kind of person you guys are making him out to be.”

The youths who had been happily caught up with their condemnations and insults suddenly stopped and turned their eyes to look. They saw that it was a senior from the Beast Spirit faculty. That senior had not really been outstanding, but everyone knew of him now all because of one reason alone. That he was mentoring a new disciple this year, and that disciple was the only one admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty, Li Zi Mu.

Li Zi Mu’s mentor was actually speaking out for Jun Xie!? Not a single one among them would have ever expected that to happen.

That youth nagged a little and left with his own companions. After they have walked a distance, his companions asked: “Why are you suddenly defending Jun Xie? Weren’t you really angry that he had tried to steal Li Zi Mu’s…..”

The youth replied with a self deprecating laugh: “I had been too blind to see, and accused Jun Xie of stealing from Li Zi Mu. But even if you kill me now, I will never believe a word of it.” The youth had looked at Jun Xie with great disapproval. But in the Battle Spirits Forest, after he had protected Li Zi Mu from getting hurt, Li Zi Mu had not only showed himself to be ungrateful, but had even pleaded and begged to be accepted into Fan Jin’s team instead, which had really infuriated him. However, it was instead Jun Xie, whom he secretly despised, that left them with a variety of medicine without a word.

And it was all thanks to those medicine, that had allowed his team to recover quickly, and to fully complete the Spirit Hunt. If not for Jun Xie’s kind gesture, he would expect that at least half of his team would have died in the Battle Spirits Forest.

After that ordeal, he finally understood…..

That rumours were not to be believed!

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