GDBBM – Chapter 519

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Chapter 519: “The Spirit Hunt Ends (1)”

With the dumb sheep with them, Jun Wu Xie and her team decided to give up on hunting any Spirit Beasts. All of them were set to return early the next morning and that would mark the end of the Spirit Hunt.

This Spirit Hunt meant differently for different disciples. To some, it might be just the same as all the previous Spirit Hunts, and to others, it might have been an unforgettable experience. But to another group of disciples, their lives had ended there, within the dark depths of the Battle Spirits Forest.

Groups of disciples started to return, wave after wave. Some came back happy while some came back sad and miserable. Quite a number of them came in carrying wounds on their exhausted bodies, and carried by their teammates.

The weary youths who had toiled through the entirety of the Spirit Hunt were ecstatic to finally be leaving the Battle Spirits Forest. The strong ones had the opportunity to prove their strength and power by killing various Spirit Beasts, while the weak who would have been a constant target and mercilessly hunted by Spirit Beasts and other disciples, had to survive every single day by running and hiding, making it a miserable experience for them.

The teachers counted and totaled the returning disciples one by one and recorded the quantity of spirit stones they had in their possession. Some displayed their impressive hauls and some presented empty hands, and all kinds of emotions were witnessed.

Jun Wu Xie and her team returned at a time that was neither too early nor too late. When they walked into the camp, the place was already filled with other disciples who had returned before them. For most of them, their nerves had constantly been on edge for the past seven days and they were finally able to relax. The disciples huddled closely together, sharing their exploits and harrowing experiences, using what they had witnessed in the Battle Spirits Forest as fodder, albeit with much exaggeration. But no one would bother to point out any contradictions or delve deep into their stories and tales of valor at that time, as they all just needed some entertainment, as they rested their weary hearts and bodies.

When Jun Wu Xie and her group returned, the teacher that tallied their scores was one that they had never met before. The few of them just handed over a few low grade spirit stones to just brush the issue aside, and totally ignored the upraised eyebrow of the teacher before them. Fan Jin had initially intended to hand over all the Spirit Stones he had on him.

But when he saw what Jun Wu Xie and the others did, he retained a large part of his spirit stones with him and only handed over a few pieces.

“Fan Jin, when you take part in the Spirit Hunts in future, do not pair yourself up with useless disciples again.” The Teacher who was in charge of tallying their scores had upon seeing Fan Jin’s “results”, frowned deeply. Fan Jin had always enjoyed a stellar reputation in the Zephyr Academy and his righteous and upright character had made him popular with the teachers. Although he was the strongest or most powerful, they still expected much from him.

When Fan Jin had taken part in the previous Spirit Hunts, he might not have hauled in the most spirit stones, but his results had still well surpassed most of the others. But this time, the quantity that Fan Jin had handed in, was significantly less than what he had acquired before, and they were all just low grade spirit stones, without a single medium grade stone among them.

That Teacher had naturally blamed Fan Jin’s less than stellar result onto the ragtag bunch of Jun Wu Xie and the disciples from the branch division.

Fan Jin gave the Teacher a sheepish smile and did not say anything.

Throughout the whole Spirit Hunt in the last seven days, he had not had to even exert much of an effort at all. With Qiao Chu and company in his team, there were not many opportunities that gave him any chance to make himself useful at all.

After tallying their results, Qiao Chu and the other three of them were to go to the camp set up for disciples from the branch division. Jun Wu Xie bade their farewell and they were going to leave when Fan Jin rushed over to them at that moment.

“Qiao Chu! Guys! Wait a moment!”

Qiao Chu turned his head, puzzled as he saw Fan Jin running over to them, panting heavily, but with a big smile on his face.

“Big brother Fan, what is it?” Qiao Chu had a good impression of Fan Jin.

“These spirit stones, are for all of you.” Fan Jin took out all the spirit stones he had hidden earlier and pressed them into Qiao Chu’s hand.

“Why didn’t you hand them in?” Qiao Chu was surprised, the weight of the spirits stones in his hand was very close to what they had given to Fan Jin in their even distribution.

Fan Jin replied, a little embarrassed: “For this Spirit Hunt, I did not contribute much. All these should rightfully belong to all of you as I cannot take credit for all the efforts that you guys had put in. I still have matters I need to look into back there, so I’ll make a move. Let’s talk again.” With that, Fan Jin turned without waiting for Qiao Chu to reply and ran off.

Qiao Chu scratched the back of his head, and Rong Ruo laughed.

That Fan Jin might be a little too inflexible at times but he has a absolutely honest and upright nature.

He is definitely a good guy.

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