GDBBM – Chapter 510

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Chapter 510: “The Relentless Little Tail in the Shadows (1)”

“And these disciples…..” Nangong Xu started to say as he stared at Lu Wei Jie and the others.

“You can bring them back.” Long Qi said curtly.

“Thank you.” Nangong Xu was feeling very much ashamed and he hastily retrieved the disciples before he apologised to Rong Heng and Long Qi profusely, reassuring them that he would handle the matter with utmost severity before leaving hastily.

After waiting till Nangong Xu and the rest had left, Fan Jin finally sighed in relief. He was still feeling a little awkward but he put up a brave front and said: “Nangong Xu has always been straightforward and candid. He will definitely report the whole matter to my father and the incident will be handled appropriately.”

Fan Jin was feeling most unfortunate at that moment. Why did such stupid disciples choose to enroll into the Zephyr Academy? They only dragged the Zephyr Academy’s name down.

Long Qi did not speak anymore about the matter but turned to look at Jun Wu Xie.

“Does Young Miss have any other instructions for your subordinate?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly and said: “After some time, bring some men to come to the Zephyr Academy.”

“Yes!” Long Qi hesitated a moment before he said: “Has out Young Miss considered changing into another academy? The Zephyr Academy might not be the best choice.”

Fan Jin who was standing just beside them seriously thought about burying his head into the ground at that moment.

“No need.” Jun Wu Xie replied simply. The real reason she went to the Zephyr Academy was not to pursue knowledge anyway.

The matter had come to a rest for the time being. The injuries sustained by the Rui Lin Army soldiers were not mortal and with a little more treatment, they would be able to move freely. They have acquired the Aqua Spirit Grass they came for and as the herbs have not been processed and treated, they would not keep for extended periods. Long Qi and his group could not afford to remain in the Battle Spirits Forest much longer and they embarked on their return hastily.

After reluctantly bidding Jun Wu Xie farewell, Long Qi led the group back to the Qi Kingdom. When he left, he promised to come see Jun Wu Xie again when the men from the Rui Lin Army come pay their visit to the Zephyr Academy.

After watching Long Qi and his group as they disappeared in the distance, Jun Wu Xie finally turned her gaze back after a long while. Seeing Long Qi had reminded her of her uncle Jun Qing, making her feel as if she was still living in the Lin Palace, like she had never left.

“What do we do now? Continue?” Qiao Chu asked, his hands clasped behind his head.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie forced herself to regain her composure. She still had a long road ahead of her, the path towards strength and power, the path that would ultimately lead her home.

And Jun Wu Xie and her team embarked on their next leg of their hunt for Spirit Beasts.

With these characters present, the Spirit Beasts in the Battle Spirits Forest were in for quite a bashing.

With the Spirit Hunt nearing its close, they did not have much time left as they continued to hunt for Spirit Beasts they could take down.

It was dusk when the youths returned from their bountiful hunt and sat down in a circle beside the Spirit Moon Lake.

Jun Wu Xie bit at the dried meat slowly and watched the sunset, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Suddenly, she felt a gaze on her. She turned her head to look into the direction she had felt the gaze and caught a fleeting glance of a tiny figure flash past, in between the trees not too far away from them.

That fleeting shadow had been too fast and with the low light of dusk, she had not been able to see it clearly.

“What is it?” Qiao Chu stretch out his head to ask.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes, but she did not sense any danger. “Something’s close by.”

That shadowy figure had been tiny, and did not seems to be human.

“A Spirit Beast? The Spirit Moon Lake is where the Spirit Beasts around here come to drink. With us sitting here at its edge, many Spirit Beasts might just be sharpening their fangs.” Qiao Chu said with a big evil laugh.

“You should sleep by the lake tonight. When we wake up tomorrow, Brother Hua can come pick up your bones to make a tool out of them. Your bones are tough, the tool might just be of some use.” Fei Yan said, smiling wickedly at Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu pouted and shifted his buttocks to come closer to Hua Yao.

“My tiny bones are not fully grown yet, when I reach beyond a hundred, I’ll willingly present my bones to Brother Hua.”

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