GDBBM – Chapter 502

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Chapter 502:”Consecutive Slaps – Fourth Form (2)”

Everything happened in a flash. Lu Wei Jie was slammed into a thick tree and he vomited out a mouthful of blood. Before he could even recover from the shock, Long Qi had already picked him up by his collar and thrown him together with the rest of the disciples captured by the other soldiers.

Lu Wei Jie had always been worshipped and placed upon a high pedestal due to his exceptional spiritual power among the Zephyr Academy’s disciples. But he found himself now lying on the dirty ground in a hapless heap, not daring to raise a single word in protest.

The few Rui Lin Army soldiers surrounded the twenty odd Zephyr Academy disciples and drew out their razor sharp swords from their hips.

Light glinted off the cold steel and suddenly, the disciples all started wailing pitifully.

“No! Please! Don’t kill us! We did not mean it! We’ve realised our mistake!”

They had been anxiously waiting to loot the Rui Lin Army soldiers’ dead bodies just mere moments before and now they suddenly found themselves shoved to lie in the dirt on the cold hard ground. When they found themselves staring into the cold sharp swords pointed at them, the well pampered and always protected youths immediately knelt and pleaded pitifully for their lives. A few of the more timid ones had already wet themselves, a dark embarrassing wet patch staining the dirt below what they sat.

Fan Jin’s eyes widened in flustered shock, and he immediately rushed over to stand before them!

“General Long! Hold your swords!”

Long Qi’s raised sword hesitated at that moment.

“I know that these scoundrels have committed an unforgivable crime, but they are after all still disciples of the Zephyr Academy. Please spare their lives on account of the Zephyr Academy and the academy promises to give you a satisfactory answer in return!” Fan Jin hurried to intervene before the unthinkable happened. Long Qi and his men were men who had lived fighting, with their lives on the line. They were men who belonged to the most ferocious strike force, and taking the lives of those disciples could very well be easier for those men than eating a regular meal. Fan Jin knew very well if he had hesitated a moment more, all of the twenty odd lives of these disciples would have been extinguished there and then!

Long Qi frowned deeply, his murderous rage still burning in his eyes as he said: “Having attempted to take the lives of others, they would naturally need to pay for it with their own lives.”

Fan Jin was sweating profusely, feeling heavily overwhelmed by Long Qi’s oppressive aura. Although he knew a lot about the Rui Lin Army, but he had never ever faced the blood soaked murderous aura of a battle hardened soldier up close, and the overpowering oppression was enough to almost make him lose his mind.

“I know, I know, but….. but all of you are at least still alive now aren’t you? I know they have gravely wronged you, but….. we are talking about more than twenty over lives here. Moreover….. they aren’t the real mastermind behind all this, or they would not have been moronic enough to have remained here in waiting. Their intentions might have been malicious, but they do not deserve to die for that. They are still very young and I would implore General Long to show some mercy and spare them just this once. I can personally guarantee, that the Zephyr Academy will definitely deal with them most severely!” Fan Jin really felt like crying then. If he was not the son of the Headmaster, he could jolly well let himself watch these idiots die. But as his father was the Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy, and if he was to readily allow these twenty odd disciples to be killed here today, then the reputation of the Zephyr Academy would be utterly crushed henceforth.

Although in every Spirit Hunt carried out, it was not deemed abnormal for a few of their disciples to die, but for this particularly star studded team to be almost fully annihilated, it would be definitely raise countless eyebrows. For these disciples to have the ability to enroll into the Zephyr Academy, all the youths were either from fabulously rich families or from a strong tribe within one of the major powers throughout the lands.

If over twenty of them were to lose their lives at the same time here, and all their families were to come knocking on the gates of the Zephyr Academy demanding answers, the Zephyr Academy might not be able to answer to them.

Fan Jin’s sweat would not stop flowing, and his heart pounded against his ribs. He greatly feared that Long Qi would ignore his plea, and carry out his slaughter as he intended.

Long Qi was silent, his face in a deep frown. If it had been anyone else, he would have kicked that person in the face and carried on with the deed. For a man who had lived his life that called for him to be merciless and unsympathetic as a military man, his will would not be changed that easily.

But, Fan Jin was however a comrade who was brought here by Jun Wu Xie and he could not totally disregard Jun Wu Xie in this instance and he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie for her opinion.

Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at the visibly trembling Lu Wei Jie and his teammates. Her mind did not register any familiar faces among the disciples. It was just as Fan Jin had said, that the mastermind behind the devious plot was not among them, but Ning Xin and Yin Yan who had escaped, leaving this bunch behind.

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      It’s not like that. He’s the Headmaster’s son. And if those students are killed, their school will lose funding, lose the reputation they have and some powerful familes may try to obliterate their school. He is acting for the sake of his family’s school and prestige.

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