GDBBM – Chapter 495

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Chapter 495: “Consecutive Slaps – Third Form (6)”

Ning Xin had just heaved a sigh of relief when Yin Yan who was beside her suddenly gave out a high pitched scream.

“Shut up!” Ning Xin said with a cold stare but Yin Yan was pointing forward with his hand raised and his face pale. Ning Xin turned to look in the direction Yin Yan was pointing and what she saw made her feel as though a bolt of lightning had suddenly struck her and she stood there completely dumbstruck.

Another tall figure had just appeared beside Long Qi and the others!

“Fan Jin! It’s Fan Jin….. He is still alive…..” Yin Yan could not help it as his body trembled visibly. He suddenly grabbed at Ning Xin’s shoulders and said fearfully: “Senior Ning, Fan Jin is still alive! And Jun Xie was in the same team as him!”

Those words caused Ning Xin’s mind to explode in a big blast!

That’s right! How could she had missed the possibility that Fan Jin could still have been with Jun Xie all this while! She had mindlessly taken other possibilities for granted when she had received the news that Fan Jin had fallen into the trap she had set!

Fan Jin was still very much alive! That would mean that her plan had failed utterly. Fan Jin had arrived just after Jun Xie and the others and that was telling her that they had been together all this time…..

That would mean that her whole scheme had been irrecoverably exposed!

Ning Xin who had still fully intended to win Jun Xie over to her side suddenly paled as all colour drained from her face.

Although she had fully delegated everything to Yin Yan for all the arrangements to be made for the scheme she had plotted to be carried out in the Battle Spirits Forest, the target that they wanted to kill was nevertheless the adopted son of the Headmaster and the target’s prominence had inadvertently caused the disciples roped into the scheme to feel a certain unease. And to counter that, Ning Xin had allowed Yin Yan to hint that her father would grant them certain favours and advantages after the deed is done.

That plan had been foolproof and Ning Xin had never expected that she would fail.

But Fan Jin had suddenly appeared here alive and well!

Exceptionally powerful ring spirits, four purple spirit exponents!

When those realisations came crashing into Ning Xin’s mind, the strength in her legs seeped out from her.

It’s over, it’s really over this time…..

She wasn’t worried that Fan Jin would exact his revenge on her after finding out the truth, but she did not dare to imagine how she would even begin to stand up to Jun Xie’s terrifying wrath!

“Let’s go! We need to return immediately!” Ning Xin leaned heavily on the tree trunk, struggling to hold herself up. She could not afford to wait till Jun Xie and his team had taken down the Guardian grade Spirit Beast before she made her escape! If they were to wait till then, she wouldn’t be able to leave this place alive.

“What! ?” Yin Yan could not believe what he heard.

Ning Xin raised a hand and slapped Yin Yan hard across the face before she screamed: “Are you an idiot! ? If we do not leave now, you want to wait till they defeat the Guardian grade Spirit Beast and free up their hands to come kill us! ? Fan Jin is still alive and our scheme is all exposed! Even if Fan Jin does nothing in retaliation, what about Jun Xie! ? Can you see it!? He has obviously broken through to the yellow spirit!! Can’t you see how immensely powerful his ring spirit is!? Even if the purple spirit exponents with her do not raise a finger against us, just Jun Xie alone would be more than enough to claim both our lives!”

Yin Yan snapped back to his senses and held his hand to his burning cheek, staring helplessly at the raging and greatly flustered Ning Xin.

“We leave now! Back to the Zephyr Academy! My father is there and even if Jun Xie was to seek revenge against me, my father’s men would still be able to stop him. If we stay here any longer, we would not see anything other than our doom.” Ning Xin’s face was now a deathly pallor. Never in her wildest dreams, would she expect that a pawn she had used to attack Fan Jin with, would one day turn out to be such a ferocious beast that could threaten her life so.

“Yes….. Yes…..” Yin Yan nodded quickly as his body continued to tremble.

The two of them supported each other as they stumbled along through the dense forest to make their escape. Lu Wei Jie and the rest of the team who had been waiting all this time suddenly saw Ning Xin and the others return with extremely pale and flustered faces.

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