GDBBM – Chapter 483

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Chapter 483: “The Most Ferocious Strike Force (2)”

The Qi Kingdom cannot afford to lose, and they dared not lose.

The fame of being undefeated, was forced out of them due to the unthinkable alternative!

If they lost, they would lose their homeland.

Jun Wu Xie distinctly remembered Jun Xian’s sorrowful expression when they had spoken and chatted about it. Jun Xian would always have a forced smile on his face, but his eyes would always be sorrowful when he was reminded of the pain of loss.

The prominence and notoriety of the Rui Lin Army was bought with the very lives of its selfless soldiers. Everybody only knew of the ferocity and strength of the Rui Lin Army, but none remembered the countless deaths of the martyrs who gave their lives for their countrymen.

If he could, Jun Xian would willingly give up all fame and fortune, than allow the very men who braved the various battlefields at his side.

The members of the Jun Family, must never feel proud of the Rui Lin Army’s fearless reputation!

This was the word passed down from Jun Xian himself.

As it should and must be a humiliation, when a commander was not able to bring the soldiers he led into battle back home alive, and the blame must be laid on the commander’s incompetence.

Jun Wu Xie did not know when sentiment had started, but she remembered her grandfather’s and uncle’s sorrowful and determined faces when they told her that.

“The Battle Spirits Forest isn’t too far from the Qi Kingdom, but I still wouldn’t have expected to see anyone from the Rui Lin Army in here.” Fan Jin was looking rather excited. The heroes that he had revered and admired for a long time might appear before his eyes and he was feeling really excited like a kid all over again.

Qiao Chu cleared his throat lightly and said to the excited Fan Jin: “Might I point out that those gods of battle that you mentioned earlier are now with Ning Xin and her team, and it seems that they have been deeply taken advantage of.”

With that one statement, Fan Jin’s passionate face suddenly as if he had been doused with a whole pail of cold water!

Fan Jin had thought that the terms that Ning Xin had asked for were extremely unreasonable as well.

“Let’s go.” Jun Wu Xie had been silent a long while and she suddenly spoke, lifting the little black cat onto her shoulders where it usually perched.

“Little Xie, where are we going?” Qiao Chu asked of Jun Xie quizzically. He knew Ning Xin was taking advantage of people again, but it shouldn’t matter to them as they had no ties with those men. He could only sympathise with the men from the Rui Lin Army in his heart.

“Spirit Moon Lake.” Jun Wu Xie said simply.

If Ning Xin would just leave her alone, she really couldn’t be bothered about her. But Ning Xin had chosen to take such great advantage of the Rui Lin Army’s men, Jun Wu Xie could not allow Ning Xin to have it her way.

Her grandfather’s men, must never be subjected to such abuse by such a malicious and manipulative person!

With those words, everyone with the exception of Ye Sha were surprised and at a loss of words at Jun Xie’s sudden decision.

“Wh….. why are we going to the Spirit Moon Lake?” Qiao Chu’s eyes were wide with wonder. Jun Xie had never been a nosy person and when Fan Jin had shared the stories so fervently, Jun Xie’s face had remained cold and otherwise expressionless.

Was Jun Xie’s blood stirred up by the stories and wanted to go save the men from the Rui Lin Army from being abused?

Jun Wu Xie gave Qiao Chu a cold glance but did not say a word to him.

Qiao Chu gulped, but was somewhat getting used to Jun Xie ignoring his frequent outbursts.

“But we do not know where the Spirit Moon Lake is located.” Rong Ruo had taken out her map to study when Jun Xie had mentioned it earlier. Forget about finding the Spirit Moon Lake on it, the map did not even show the area that they were currently standing.

“Please follow me. I have released an Ink Snake and the Ink Snake will continue to follow them. We will only need to follow the Ink Snake’s presence and we will be able to locate them.” Ye Sha replied stoically.

The teammates exchanged meaningful glances. They were all intensely curious about Ye Sha’s identity, but they all politely kept all their questions to themselves.

After Fan Jin’s reverential narration of the Rui Lin Army, Qiao Chu and the others had gained a very good and positive impression of them and when Jun Xie said that they would be going to where the Rui Lin Army’s men were, they did not object in the slightest.

After they organized themselves a little, the teammates followed behind Ye Sha, as they looked out for signs that the Ink Snake had left behind, and made their way towards the Battle Spirits Forest’s Spirit Moon Lake…..

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