GDBBM – Chapter 475

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Chapter 475: “Venomous Lady (2)”

Fan Zhuo had always suffered from a weak constitution and been very sickly since young. Fan Jin was always very protective of his often ill little brother. Fan Qi and Ning Rui were fellow disciples and Ning Xin had grown up together with the Fan brothers. When they were very young, Fan Jin had treated Ning Xin like a little sister who had a very sweet temperament and who was very caring towards Fan Zhuo, leading to Fan Jin to think Ning Xin as his future sister in law.

But now, after hearing the youth, Fan Jin was utterly devastated, struck by a bolt out of the blue.

Although he had naturally known that Ning Xin was Yin Yan’s mentor all this time, Fan Jin still could not believe that his little sister would ever want to kill him.

“Could there be any misunderstanding behind all this?” Fan Jin asked through gritted teeth.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the deeply conflicted Fan Jin and did not give him any reply. Fan Jin’s character was just like that. Candid and generous, upholder of justice. Or he would not have stood forward to defend Jun Wu Xie when everyone else had turned against her.

A person like this, usually had an pure and untainted heart, a righteous person. If such a person lived his life in peaceful times, he would undoubtedly become the hero that everyone respected and revered. But the same person, would have an immense weakness. He would be too trusting of people and one would only need to show him a little kindness and one would win his absolute trust. To put it kindly, he was an innocent person, but bluntly, people would call him dumb.

If all this had been directed just at Jun Wu Xie, she would have just killed the enemy. But she was not the real target and she felt Fan Jin should be the one to decide who lives and who dies.

But if Yin Yan and Ning XIn did not learn their lesson and further provoked her, she wouldn’t mind settling some scores with them herself.

“Little Xie, can you agree to one thing?” Fan Jin asked Jun Xie suddenly.

“Speak.” Jun Wu Xie said without emotion.

“Before the facts of the matter are all cleared up, spare Ning Xin just this once.” Fan Jin said, his jaw still tightly clenched. After witnessing Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang’s skills and prowess, he was well aware of the fact that it would not take much effort if Jun Xie wanted to kill Ning Xin. And if all that Jun Xie was put through in the Zephyr Academy was truly due to the urgings of Ning Xin from behind, Jun Xie had every reason to want to kill her.


When he thought back to the image of the little girl always tottering behind him and always looking up to call him “big brother Jin” and that Ning Xin might die, Fan Jin could not help it but feel an ache in his heart. He had to numb himself to the facts before him and wished fervently that it was all just a big misunderstanding.

“Once.” Jun Wu Xie said, looking at Fan Jin, surprisingly acceding to Fan Jin’s request.

The first time she had acceded to a similar request like this was to Mo Qian Yuan, and she had wanted Mo Qian Yuan to learn a lesson. As for Fan Jin, it was to repay him for his unwavering protection that he had shown to her all this while.

Jun Wu Xie might not know much about human relationships, but she knew one thing at least. Whoever treated her kindly, would receive more kindness back from her.

In reality, she had come to the Zephyr Academy with a specific objective. After Hua Yao and the others managed to locate the map, and retrieve it, they would not stay within the academy any longer. And the feud between the Fan Family and the Ning Family would not concern her. She had dirtied her hands now as the scheme had spilled onto her and also for the fact that both the Fan brothers had been extremely kind to her.

“Thank you.” Fan Jin said, heaving a sigh of relief. Only after having entered the Battle Spirits Forest had he realised that Jun Xie was never as weak as he had thought him to be. He might be cold and withdrawn, but he was one person not to be trifled with.

You wouldn’t know it if he remained silent, but any retaliation from him would make you never forget it for life!

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  1. Karmapanda says:

    They broke his spine – he ran away… Not sure if this author is into reading himself…

  2. Hugsandcakes says:

    As much as i like the fighting and the bloodbath- wheres my flirty demon lord?

  3. Hugsandcakes says:

    As much as like the fighting and bloodbath- wheres my flirty demon lord?

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