GDBBM – Chapter 471

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Chapter 471: Consecutive Slaps – Second Form (5)

“Who are you people?” Things had already come to such a stage and if Fan Jin still did not realise the intentions of the group of people before them, he would have lived his almost two decades in vain.

But he would never have expected that anyone would want to take his life!

“People who are here to kill you.” The leader of the youths said with a cold laugh and his eyes swept over Jun Xie and the others around Fan Jin.

“If you guys from the branch division are not looking to die today, leave immediately. If any of you dare to mention a word of what happened here today, I will come after you!”

Qiao Chu and his companions looked at each other all around, with vicious smiles across all their faces. Qiao Chu craned his neck to ask Jun Xie: “And these?”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed. “Kill.”


Qiao Chu took the lead while Hua Yao, Fei Yan and Rong Ruo followed just a step behind him.

Qiao Chu cracked his knuckles loudly and stretched his neck to loosen his muscles. He stared at the group of youths and said: “Sorry. Not leaving, and neither do we want to die today. But you can choose to hand your lives over and we’ll consider leaving your bodies intact.”

The leader of the youth had not expected the trash from the branch division to be so arrogant and spew such scornful words. He was taken aback a short moment before he laughed out loud.

“You’re just a bunch of trash! Do not overestimate yourself !”

That silver flash of lightning had been too fast and none of them had even noticed where it had come from. They had misunderstood Fan Jin’s escape and the other youth’s cut off fingers to be the work of Fan Jin’s as Fan Jin himself had never been perceived to be a weak opponent, but this careless assumption and misunderstanding, had irrecoverably made the youths put their first foot into their graves.

“Little Xie, do we leave one alive?” Qiao Chu asked, tugging at his ears. He was not interested in the least to waste any more of his breath on a bunch of youths who were about to lose their lives.

“One.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

“No problem !” Qiao Chu beamed widely at Jun Xie and before any of those youths could react, a figure had already streaked towards them and Hua Yao and the other two followed closely behind. Their lightning speed was too fast for any of the youths to be able to see them clearly.            

The youths who had all been overbearing and their eyes filled with contempt just a moment ago suddenly saw the four figures disappear from where they had been standing. Their contempt and overinflated egos were suddenly smashed to pieces and before they realised what was happening, Fei Yan was already beside the leader of the youths and Fei Yan’s heavy fist swung right into the leader’s spine!

A loud hair raising crack tore through the air at that moment!

The leader of the youth gave a ear splitting howl and as his spine snapped in two at the impact, his body crumpled heavily to the ground and large quantities of blood spewed out of his mouth.

“We’ll leave you alive.” Fei Yan smiled sweetly at the leader of the youths and immediately turned with a raised foot that landed heavily on another youth who had been rushing to rescue their leader.

The clear crackling sound of bones breaking rang out once again and as if moving in a graceful dance performed with the spray and splattering of blood, the four figures moved and glided amongst the youths and in the next moment, only half of the initial twenty odd disciples were still standing!

Not a single one among them would have thought that the four disciples from the branch division that they completely disregarded would possess such overwhelming skills and power. Under the onslaught by Qiao Chu and his gang, all the twenty odd disciples had not been able to resist them even the slightest!

The first youth whose spine had been broken by Fei Yan was lying upon the ground, shocked beyond words at the bloody carnage before his eyes. He saw his companions being killed one after another with such ease that he thought he was seeing Death’s scythe cutting them down and claiming their lives at that moment !

These four disciples from the branch division, what kind of monsters were they !?

How could they possibly get so impossibly powerful !?

They had all so confidently assumed that among the members within the “weakest team” with Jun Xie, only Fan Jin alone would be a worthy opponent. But the blood filled reality before his eyes had slapped him strongly across the face, proving to all of them how wrong they had really been!

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