GDBBM – Chapter 451

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Chapter 451: “Battle Spirits Forest (1)”

It was now late into the night and the Battle Spirits Forest was pitch dark. Jun Wu Xie and her teammates held their torches up high as they traversed through the dense trees and vegetation, lighting up the way before them.

The roars of the Spirit Beasts rang out occasionally through the darkness. In the quiet night, the myriad sounds from the forest made the whole place seem much more terrifying.

The torch in Qiao Chu’s hand was burning brightly. He swung the torch to shine onto the trees surrounding them many times and peered at the map held in his intently for a long while. He finally gave up.

“And they call this a map? Who can read it! ?” Qiao Chu shoved the map in his pocket in disgust and exclaimed loudly to his companions in exasperation.

Fan Jin had been to this forest a few times and when he heard Qiao Chu, he said with a laugh: “The map will only provide us with a general idea of the direction we are to take. Moreover, it is late in the night now and visibility is low. Even if we have a map, we will not be able to see our way clearly. Why don’t we find a place to sleep first and wait for morning to come. We will still have ample time to hunt for prey after the sun rises.”

Fan Jin was a little older than the others and he was the only one among them that had come to this forest before. Hence, the others naturally looked to him for suggestions on how they were to move within the dense forest.

“I think that will work.” Qiao Chu nodded in agreement.

“The forest is more dangerous at night and there are some nocturnal spirit beasts that will come out to hunt for food. If we do not intend to become dinner for them, I suggest we rest up high among the trees.” Fan Jin warned gravely.

The group nodded one after another and looked around for aged trees. Their branches were broader and their canopies denser, which made them more suitable places for the companions to rest.

Fan Jin took out a coil of rope from his hip and attached a hook to one end. He was just about to throw it up when he saw Qiao Chu and his gang going up into the treetops with a quick leap!

Their movements were light and graceful and with a single bound, they reached the lower branches and they quickly went up into the higher reaches with a few more quick leaps in succession going left and right effortlessly.

Fan Jin’s eyes sparkled as his heart was overcome in awe.

He had initially thought that Jun Xie had gathered the group together just because they had previously traveled together to come to the Zephyr Academy, and even if they turn out to be weak and could not contribute much, he had prepared himself to at least keep the group safe while they were in the forest. But what he just saw told him that these youths were neither weak nor unskilled.

Under the darkness of the night, where visibility was extremely poor, his companions had still been able to locate the necessary footholds with such pinpoint accuracy to reach the upper reaches of the trees in lightning quick time, and these showed him how nimble and agile his companions really were.

Fan Jin knew for a fact that even in the main division of the Zephyr Academy, not many would be capable enough to match them in such a feat.

“Throw up the rope. We’ll haul the two of you up.” Qiao Chu was totally oblivious of the fact that their show of agility had already far surpassed any standards that disciples of the branch division were “supposed” to possess.

Fan Jin removed the hook from the end of the rope and threw the rope’s end up to Qiao Chu. “Just pull Little Xie up, I’ll climb up myself.” Fan Jin handed the other end of the rope to Jun Xie and she looped it around her hips, allowing Qiao Chu to pull her up into the branches. Fan Jin imitated his companions and leapt up leaping through the branches to go up into the upper reaches of the trees.

As they laid down among the higher branches well concealed from sight, everyone quietened down. The moonlight shone through the thick canopies of leaves, and the tiny rays that fell through shone on the companions, looking as if the stars had descended upon their bodies.

“Sigh, I haven’t slept like this for a long time. Feels rather nostalgic.” Qiao Chu was reminded of something and he mumbled with a laugh. He turned his head to one side and saw Jun Xie was on the branch just next to his and he was puzzled by what he saw Jun Xie did next.

Jun Wu Xie was not resting but she took out a porcelain bottle from her sleeves. She poured some white powder into her hand and smeared it on the branch she was leaning against. After she was done, she threw the bottle to Qiao Chu and simply said: “Many bugs, apply it.”

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