GDBBM – Chapter 449

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Chapter 449: “Is That The Weakest or Strongest Team (2)”

Jun Wu Xie very briefly introduced Fan Jin and Qiao Chu was all smiles very soon.

“Haha, many thanks to you! With you looking out for our Little Xie, we are greatly relieved.”

“No, I didn’t do much.”

After a round of courteous banter, Jun Wu Xie shot them a curious gaze and said: “Come with me into the Forest.”

“Sure! We were just about to go look for you anyway.” Qiao Chu said with a laugh.

They agreed to enter the Battle Spirits Forest together as a team in moments and the disciples from the branch division looked on as the Qiao Chu and his gang leave the tree together with Jun Xie and Fan Jin to walk towards the place where the disciples of the main division gathered, their eyes aglow, green with envy.

When the other disciples of the main division saw Fan Jin with disciples from the branch division in his team to make up some numbers, they all started laughing loudly.

“Fan Jin has fallen so low that he has to resort to scouring through the trash! What does he think those useless characters can contribute to in the Battle Spirits Forest?” Yin Yan looked at Fan Jin from afar and said with a cold laugh.

Ning Xin turned to look a brief moment and turned back immediately, hiding the glee that rose within her eyes.

“Leave him to his own struggles, the final result will still be the same anyway.”

Yin Yan smiled and his glad was gladdened by Fan Jin’s depravity.

Having the main division’s disciples gather disciples from the branch division to join their team was unheard of and everyone from the main division were looking at Jun Xie’s tiny team as the biggest joke, and many of them soon dubbed them “the weakest” of them all.

Qiao Chu rubbed his nose heavily as the loud whispers all around assaulted his ears. He might not been deemed to be a sensitive guy, but he could definitely sense the daggers behind all those eyes directed at their group.

“Are disciples from the branch division so badly despised?” Qiao Chu asked.

“It’s nothing to do with all of you.” Jun Wu Xie said without emotion.

Qiao Chu was about to say more when he saw Hua Yao shot him a glance, asking him to shut up.

The main reason behind all those loud whispers from the other disciples of the main division were largely understood by all the others and only Qiao Chu was left still thinking that those whispers were because they despised those who were from the branch division. If anyone would just listen carefully, they would know that all those whispers were targeted at Jun Xie.

“I’ll say, Jun Xie. How long has it been since you were admitted into the main division and you have managed to make an enemy out of everyone?” Fei Yan who was always highly capable in gathering information had gone around within the crowd and had gathered sufficient intelligence to know exactly what the situation was then.

From what she had heard, in the eyes of all the other disciples, Jun Xie was a despicable and utterly incorrigible brat!

Jun Wu Xie was totally expressionless, but Fan Jin was the one looking slightly embarrassed instead.

“They had said that you do not show yourself much in the academy, so why is it that you would take part in the Spirit Hunt?” Fei Yan asked, out of pure curiosity, as she cared not in the least all the nasty things she had heard about Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie replied curtly: “To kill people.”






Beside Jun Wu Xie, all the other five people around her stared wide eyed at the tiny figure, unable to find words to respond to Jun Xie’s emotionless and curt response.

Qiao Chu wiped the sweat that had suddenly appeared upon his forehead and said: “Little Xie….. That reason is a little….. too brutal….. Don’t you think?”

Kill people…..

My dear Jun Xie, can’t you be just a little more tactful?

“You….. you must be joking right? Fan Jin was really shocked to his boots by Jun Xie’s chilling words. The cold and expressionless little kid had just come on his first expedition organised by the academy and his only intention was so….. inconceivably brutal. He could not make himself believe that Jun Xie was really here to kill someone.

Jun Wu Xie observed the suddenly paled Fan Jin and hesitated a moment before muttering a non committal: “Mmm.”

Fan Jin then heaved a big sigh of relief.

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